61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday AM

BIO1Ballroom 2 (C)

Antibody Production and Engineering 1 (sponsored by NSERC’s MabNet)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - M. Aucoin

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00002 Strategies for the Production of Single Glycoform Monoclonal Antibodies *$Butler M.
10:10 00003 Glycomics: Method Development and Applications for the Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies using MALDI-MS Perreault H., Bodnar E.D., Marron S., Lattova E.
10:30 00004 A Dynamic Model for MAb Production by Normal and Apoptotic CHO Cells Naderi S., Meshram M., *$Budman H., Scharer J., Ingalls B., McConkey B.
10:50 00005 Analysis of Bioactivity in Yeast Lysates for Supplementation of Mammalian Cell Culture Media *Chan S., Spearman M., Jung V., Kowbel V., $Butler M.
11:10 00006 Development and Application of a Rational Design for the Rapid Evaluation and Optimization of Animal Component Free Media Formulations A Methodical Approach Murayyan A., Nowruzi K., $Dutton R.L., Hayward G.L.
11:30 00007 Effect of Cell Culture Media on Lipid-Linked Oligosaccharide Composition in CHO-EG2 Cells *Liu B., $Butler M., Spearman M.
11:50 00008 Modulating Autophagy Increases Protein Production in CHO Cell Fed-batch Processes Piret J.M., Jardon M.A., Nasseri S.S., Stichling N., Cheng X., Sattha B., Leung A.O., Braasch K., Butler M., Cote H.C.F., Gorski S.M.
12:10 End of Session

BIO2Suite 300 (H)

Microbial Systems in Biotechnology and the Environment

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - T.T. Isimjan

09:30 00009 Continuous Ferrous Iron Biooxidation by Free Suspended Leptospirillum ferriphilum at Low pH Penev K., *Karamanev D.
10:10 00011 Synthesis of Sugar Ester Fatty Acids using Immobilized Lipase in Supported Sol-gels Kumar N., *Legge R.L.
10:30 00012 Properties of Thermoplastic Starch and Sisal Fibers Reinforced Starch Based Composites Falah Toosi S., Hrymak A., Liu Q.
10:50 00013 Covalent Linkage of Proteins to Bacterial Cellulose for Targeted Delivery Cook J.R., Small D.P., Spaic M., *$Wan W.K.
11:10 00014 Synthesis and Implementation of a Gold Nanoparicle- Functionalized Nanocrystalline Cellulose Complex for Targeted Delivery of Macromolecular Nucleic Acids Spaic M., *Small D., $Wan W.K.
11:30 00015 Quantitation of Algal Cell Growth and Neutral Lipid Production in Microplates Held P.
11:50 00016 Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Can Use Electrical Current as a Sole Energy Source Karamanev D.G.
12:10 End of Session

Monday PM

BIO3Ballroom 2 (C)

Antibody Production and Engineering 2 (sponsored by NSERC's MabNet)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - Y. Durocher and M. Butler

14:10 00093 Evaluation of Different Quenching and Extraction Methods Used for Nucleotide / Nucleotide Sugar Analysis *Braasch K., Villacrés C., $Butler M.
14:30 00094 Expression of N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase III for In Vitro Remodeling of Antibody Glycosylation Pattern *Wagner A., Guillemette G., $Aucoin M.G.
14:50 00095 Sialylation of Monoclonal IgGs *$Raymond C., Bisson L., St-Laurent G., Kelly J.F., Durocher Y.
15:10 00096 Feasibility Study for the Removal of Monoclonal Antibody Aggregates using Membrane Chromatography Sadavarte R., Fraud N., *Ghosh R.
15:30 00097 Monoclonal Antibody Purification with Ion Exchange Membranes Hassel K., *Moresoli C.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00098 Model-based Optimization of MAb Production in CHO-DG44 Cell Culture *Nowruzi K., Murayyan A., Dutton R., Hayward G.
16:40 00099 Modification of Monoclonal Antibody Glycans Using Glycoprotein Processing Inhibitors *Spearman M.A., Chan S., $Butler M.
17:00 00100 Monitoring Changes in a CHO Cell Culture using 2D Fluorescence Spectroscopy Ohadi K., *$Budman H., Legge R.
17:20 00101 Proteomic Analysis of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Producing Glycosylated Monoclonal Antibodies *Ho R., $McConkey B.J.
17:40 00102 Comparative Study of Recombinant Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (eCG) Expressed in Three Different Cell Lineages: Correlation Between Glycosylation and Biological Activity Coelho T.M., Carreira A.C.O., *Butler M., $Sogayar M.C.
18:00 00103 Effect of the Intracellular Redox Environment on Monoclonal Antibody Assembly and Glycosylation in NS0 Cell Culture Dionne B., $Butler M.
18:20 End of Session

BIO4Suite 300 (H)

Forest Biorefining Technologies and Products

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - M. Marinova

14:10 00104 Production of Aromatics using Microwave Pyrolysis of Lignin Farag Sh., Sobhya A., Akyel C., *$Chaouki J.
14:30 00105 Lignin Biorefining Integrated to a Kraft Pulp Mill Zaballos P.Z., *Barahona J.B., Kannangara M.K., Kouisni L.K., Jemaa N.J., $Paris J.P.
14:50 00106 Biomass Gasification Integrated into a Kraft Process-based Forest Biorefinery *$Rofouie P., Colombo P., Moshkelani M., Perrier M., Paris J.
Syncrude Canada Innovation Award Lecture:

15:10 00107 Forest Biorefinery Maximizing the Value of Trees *Xu C.
15:50 End of Session

BIO5Suite 300 (H)

Integration and Sustainability of the Forest Biorefinery

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - M. Moshkelani

16:20 00108 Integration of a Hemicelluloses-based Biorefinery into a Canadian Kraft Pulp Mill: Material and Energy Analysis *Rafione T., Ajao O., Radiotis T., Jemaa N., $Marinova M.
16:40 00109 An Innovative Optimization Methodology to Increase Water and Energy Efficiency of Kraft Mills *Keshtkar M.J., Moshkelani M., Savulescu L., $Paris J.
17:00 00110 Impact of Energy and Climate Policy for the Selection of Sustainable Forest Biorefinery Strategies *$Batsy D., Brown M.A., Samson R., Stuart P.R. WITHDRAWN
17:20 00111 The Integrated Forest Biorefinery and the Greening of the Pulp and Paper Industry *Moshkelani M., Marinova M., Perrier M.
17:40 00112 Synthesis of Lignin Acetate for Biomaterials $Yuan Z., *Xu C., Lo J.
18:00 End of Session

BIO-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00010 Biodegradable, Edible Wheat Gluten Films: Development of Water Based Films *Cousineau J.L.A., Moresoli C., $Legge R.L.
17:40 00113 Cultivation of Micro-algae by Bubble-free Carbon Dioxide Mass Transfer Using Microporous Membranes *$Balgobin R., Karamanev D., Bassi A.
17:40 00114 Feasibility of the Immobilized Soil Bioreactor to Treat Naphthenic Acids in Oil Sands Process Waters McKenzie N., *$Ramsay R., Ramsay B., Wang J.
17:40 00115 Effects of Surface Treatment and Process Parameters on Immobilization of Recombinant Yeast Cells by Adsorption to Fibrous Matrices $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:40 00116 Butanol Production by Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 Grown on Sugars Found in Agricultural Waste Hydrolyzates: Effect of Sugars on Fermentation Kinetics $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:40 00117 Lipase Mediated Enantioselective Kinetic Resolution of 2-Octanol: Optimization and Kinetic Modeling *Yadav G.D., Sontakke J.B.
17:40 00118 Generation of Recombinant Product from Cyanobacterium S. elongatus PCC 7942 in Photobioreactor Kuan D., Posarac D., Duff S., Bi X., Yewalkar S.
17:40 00119 Production of Recombinant Enzyme with Genetically-Modified Synechococcus in Photobioreactor Wu T., Bi X.T., Duff S., Posarac D., Yewalkar S.
17:40 00120 Production and Characterization of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from the Cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis Mika A., Small D.P., Oliveira M.B., *$Wan W.K.
17:40 00121 Flux Balance Analysis of Bacilis Subtilis Metabolism Using NMR Measured Metabolite Concentrations $Aucoin M.G., Ingalls B.P., Wright G., Charles T.C., Kimaev G., *Tkatch D.
17:40 00122 Protein of Silkworm Pupa Hydrolysis by Alcalase: Effects of Process Parameters on Hydrolysis and Solubilization $Zhao Z.X., Liao D.K., Sun J.H., Shang X.Q., *Tong Z.F.
17:40 00123 NIPAAm Based Cell Delivery Scaffolds for Interocular Use Muirhead B.B., *Fitzpatrick D.S., Jafar Mazumder M.A., $Sheardown H.
17:40 00124 Imaging Drug Distribution and Measuring Drug Diffusivity in the Vitreous Body Gajraj R.
17:40 00125 Evaluation of Novel pNIPAAm-based Materials in Injectable, Accommodating Intraocular Lens Applications Perry R.E., Jafar Mazumder M.A.
17:40 00126 Design of Organogels for Sustained Delivery of Hydrophobic Drugs *Chung O., Xu S., Cheng Y.L., $Acosta E.J.
17:40 00127 On-demand, Targeted Drug Delivery using Injectable Magnetic Thermosensitive Nanocomposites Campbell S.B., Maitland D., Jellema E., Young S., $Hoare T.R.
17:40 00128 Bioactivity of Novel Poly (e-caprolactone)-Bioactive Glass Hybrid Biomaterials Allo B., *Mequanint K., $Amin R.
17:40 00129 Bioconversion of Jerusalem Artichokes for Biofuel Production Sarchami T., Rehmann L.
17:40 00130 Evaluation of the Potential Mutagenicity of BPA via the Ames Fluctuation Test Mehdizadeh Allaf M., Ali S., Rehmann L., Ray M.
17:40 00131 Profiling and Comparing the Catabolic Function of Fixed Film, Rhizospheric and Interstitial Bacterial Communities in Mesocosm-scale Treatment Wetlands Weber K.P., Legge R.L.
17:40 00132 Bacterial Cellulose Nanofiber Production Using Honey as a Natural Carbon Source Gholami A., Small D.P., *Wan W.
17:40 00133 Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Polycaprolactone (PCL) Nanofibres Makaremi S., *$Wan W., Hutter J.
17:40 00134 Determination of Concentration Distribution in an Immobilized Biocatalyst Using Diffusion-Reaction Model With External Mass Transfer Effects *Jameel A.T., Hoda A.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

BIO6Ballroom 3 (C)

Biofuels - Ethanol and Beyond 1

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

09:30 00317 Optimization of Ethanol Production Via Direct Cellulose Fermentation Islam R., Sparling R., Cicek N., *$Levin D.B.
09:50 00318 Enzymes and Wood: Fundamentals of Penetration and Chemical Degradation $Jeremic D., *Master E.
10:10 00319 Laccase Production of White Rot Fungi Under Different Conditions of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources in Copper-contained Media Kannaiyan R., *$Mahinpey N., Mani T., Martinuzzi R., Kostenko V.
10:30 00320 Economic Evaluation of the Re-adsorption of Hydrolytic Enzymes Onto Fresh Substrate After Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pre-treated Wheat Straw Rosales O., $Duff S., *Posarac D.
10:50 00321 Process Control System Integration and Instrumentation Improvement for Biomass Processing Ebert C., He B., *Zheng J., $Choo K., Rehmann L.
11:10 00322 Characterization of the Interactions of Cellulose, Hemicellulose, and Lignin During Pretreatment Through the Use of Flowthrough Pretreatment McKenzie H.L., Engle N., Foston M.B., Ragauskas A.J., Tschaplinski T.J., *$Wyman C.E.
11:30 00323 High-throughput Screening for the Quantification and Mitigation of Inhibitory Effects of Biomass Hydrolysate on Ethanol Production Nagendra V., *Rehmann L.
11:50 00324 Ethanol Dehydration using Canola Meal in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process *Tajallipour M., Kumar P., $Niu C., Dalai A.
12:10 End of Session

BIO7Ballroom 2 (C)

Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery 1 (sponsored by 20/20: NSERC’s Ophthalmic Materials Network)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - F. Gu

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00325 20/20 NSERC Ophthalmic Materials Network: Progress in Vision Health Sheardown H.D.
10:10 00326 Novel Stimulus-Triggered Biodegradable Polymers and Their Applications Wong A.D., DeWit M.A., Chen E.K.Y., *$Gillies E.R.
10:30 00327 Controlling Drug Release Kinetics from Soft Nanocomposite Hydrogels: Effect of Crosslinking Sivakumaran D., *Hoare T., Maitland D., Oszustowicz T.
10:50 00328 Investigating the Controlled Delivery of Roscovitine and Atropine to Improve Vision in Children Lasowski F., Rahmani V., $Sheardown H.
11:10 00329 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Microspheres for Biomedical and Nutraceutical Release Salarian M., *Charpentier P., Samimi R., Akhter K., Rezvani S., Lui E.
11:30 00330 Injectable Modular Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Patenaude M.J., $Hoare T.R.
11:50 00331 Microbial Production of Biopolymers with Tailor-made Molecular Properties: A Multi-scale Modeling Approach and Experimental Validation *$Kiparissides C., Penloglou G., Chatzidoukas C.
12:10 End of Session

Tuesday PM

BIO8Ballroom 3 (C)

Biofuels - Ethanol and Beyond 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

14:10 00410 Alga-based Biofuel Production Under Canadian Conditions: Promises and Challenges *$Lan C.Q.
14:30 00411 Reiche A.E., *$Kirkwood K.M.
14:50 00412 Clostridial Co-culture for Cellulosic Biobutanol Production Salimi F., *$Mahadevan R.
15:10 00413 Enrichment of Exoelectrogenic Bacteria Communities for Ethanol Microbial Fuel Cells Chao R., *$Mohseni M.
15:30 00414 Pyrolytic Sugars Fermentation in Bio-oil Upgrading Luque L., *Berruti F., $Rehmann L.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00415 GreenField's G2 Cellulosic Ethanol Initiative - From Pre-Commercial to Commercial Scale Wortzman B.
16:40 00416 Impact of Sludge Acclimatization on Biological Hydrogen Production from Thin Stillage Nasr N., Elbeshbishy E., *Hafez H., $Nakhla G., El Naggar M. H.
Keynote Lecture:

17:00 00417 Corn Bio-Refinery Pathway to Sustainability Schwartz M.
17:40 Panel Discussion - R. Benech, M. Schwartz, A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

18:00 End of Session

BIO9Ballroom 2 (C)

Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery 2 (sponsored by 20/20: NSERC's Ophthalmic Materials Network)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - F. Gu

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00418 Injectable Hydrogel for Cell Transplantation Shoichet M., Ballios B., van der Kooy D.
14:50 00419 Stimuli-responsive Hydrogels from Polyglycerol *$Dubé M.A., Salehpour S.
15:10 00420 Novel PH Sensitive Star Polymers with Hyperbranched Polyethylene Core Synthesized via the Combination of CWP and RAFT Polymerization Dong Z., *Ye Z.
15:30 00421 Silicone Polymers at Biological Interfaces *$Sheardown H.D., Brook M.A., Liu L., Klenkler B.J., Weeks A.K., Submarran L.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00422 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of a Nanogel as a New Gd3+ Contrast Agent Scaffold for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Soleimani R., *Martínez F.M., Bonduelle C.V., Scholl T.J., $Gillies E.R.
16:40 End of Session

BIO10Ballroom 2 (C)

Bioreactor Design and Control

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Margaritis

16:40 00423 Mathematical Model of Growth and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Production of the Anaerobic Clostridium acetobutylicum $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:00 00424 Bubble-free Oxygen Mass Transfer in Bioreactors by Using Microporous Membranes *$Balgobin R., Karamanev D., Bassi A.
17:20 00425 Hydrophobic VOC Absorption in Water/Silicone Oil Mixtures: Application of the "Equivalent Absorption Capacity" Concept for Gas-Liquid-Liquid Contactor Design *Dumont E., Darracq G., Couvert A., Amrane A., Couriol C., Andrès Y., Thomas D., Le Cloirec P., Hamon L.
17:40 00426 Modeling Biomass Growth and Nitrogen Utilization During Toluene Biofiltration *Haque F., De Visscher A., Sen A.
18:00 00427 Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Beds Ion Exchange System for Continuous Protein Recovery Dadashi A., Zhu J., Zhang C.
18:20 End of Session

Wednesday AM

BIO11Ballroom 2 (C)

Biomedical Engineering/Tissue Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - M. Kallos

09:30 00526 Development of an Efficient Serum-free Medium for Human Keratinocyte Proliferation $Debbah I., Duchesne C., Lemieux L., Germain L., *Garnier A.
09:50 00527 Development of Suspension Bioreactor Protocols to Expand Populations of Adult Human Stem Cells from Synovial Fluid Jorgenson K.D., Hart D.A., Frank C.B., *$Sen A.
10:10 00528 Oxygen Delivery Strategies in 3D Cell Seeded Tissue-engineered Scaffolds Seifu D., *$Mequanint K.
10:30 00529 Clinical-scale Production of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Computer-controlled Bioreactors using a Serum-free Medium Panchalingam K.M., Jung S., Paramchuk W.J., Rosenberg L., *$Behie L.A.
10:50 00530 Proteomic Analysis and Long Term Live Cell Imaging of Primary Human Cells in Culture Murray E., Droujinine I., Rosenberg L., *$Jervis E.
11:10 00531 Real-time Monitoring of Human Vascular Endothelial Cell Adhesion to Micropatterned Surfaces $Hoesli C., Boivin M.-C., Juneau P.-M., Tremblay C., Ruel J., Duchesne C., Laroche G., *Garnier A.
11:30 00532 Co-culture of Smooth Muscle Cells and Endothelial Cells on 3D Porous Poly(carbonate urethane) Scaffolds for Vascular Tissue Engineering Bhattacharyya A., Sandig M., *$Mequanint K.
11:50 00533 Use of DMSO as Pre-treatment for Pericardial Tissue to Reduce Calcification in Bioprosthetic Heart Valves Parekh A., $Wan W., Talman E.
12:10 00534 A Fusogenic Liposome Platform for Active Intracellular Delivery of siRNA Lewis J.D.
BIO12Ballroom 3 (C)

Microalgae, Production and Applications 1

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - G. Allen and J.-S. Deschenes

09:30 00535 Lipid Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Cultured Under Heterotrophic Conditions $Sestric R., James G., Hocart C.H., Djordjevic M., *Levin D.B.
09:50 00536 Thermodynamic Assessment of Heterotrophic Algal Growth Processes Volk A.J.A., *$McCaffrey W.C., Burrell R.B.
10:10 00537 Effect of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrate Concentration on Chlorella vulgaris Growth, Lipid Production and Cell Wall Composition Using Response Surface Methodology *$Aguirre A., Bassi A.
10:30 00538 Production of Microalgae in a Continuous Tubular Photobioreactor Sacasa C., Bassi A.
10:50 00539 Influence of the Plant Growth Regulators Kinetin, 6BA and NAA on Chlorella protothecoides Growth Ubeda B.T., Burrell R.E., Burrell M., *$McCaffrey W.C.
11:10 00540 Investigation of Overall Mass Transfer Coefficients of Carbon Dioxide in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor for Microalgae Cultivation Kazim A., $Bassi A.
11:30 00541 Use of Industrial Off-gas Waste Energy to Heat Ponds for Year Round Microalgae Production in Cold Climates *Scott J.A., Loken M., Shang H., Salt B., Ross G.M.
11:50 00542 Microalgae For Treatment of Hydroponic Wastewater Effluent *Saxena P., $Bassi A.
12:10 End of Session

Wednesday PM

BIO13Ballroom 2 (C)

Biomedical Engineering/Tissue Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - E. Jervis

14:10 00613 BioProcessing of a Phase I Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Using a Stem Cell Based Therapy Wuerth R.D., Gareau T., Wong T.W.C., Wong W., *$Behie L.A.
14:30 00614 Analysis of Asymmetric Environments of Soluble Factors for Single Cell Polarization Verneau J., Averline A., *$Jervis E.J.
14:50 00615 Fractal Methods for Evaluating Growth and Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells in Static Culture Conditions Hunt M.., Gates I., *$Kallos M.
15:10 00616 Modeling the Effect of b-Myloid as a Direct Cholinergic Neuromodulator in Alzheimer's Disease Patients *Mustafa I., Chen Q., Elkamel A., Lohi A. WITHDRAWN
15:30 00617 A Synthetic Biology Approach to Bacteria Mediated Tumour Targeting *$Zargar B., Ingalls B., Chen P.
15:50 End of Session

BIO14Ballroom 2 (C)

Metabolic Engineering and Bioinformatics

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - R. Mahadevan and D. Levin

16:20 00618 Effect of Expression of Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase in Baculovirus-infected Insect Cells Tuladhar A., Wagner A., George S., *$Aucoin M.G.
16:40 00619 Development of a Cellular Assay to Determine Toxicity and Carcinogenicity of Nickel Compounds *Renaud M., Nowruzi K., Hayward G., $Dutton R.
17:00 00620 Microbial Genomics of Anaerobic Bacteria for Biofuel Production *$Levin D.B., Sparling R.
17:20 00621 Modeling of Apoptosis in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Culture Meshram M., *Budman H., Scharer J., Ingalls B., McConkey B., Naderi S.
17:40 00622 Model-based Design of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Improved Amino Acid Production Cautha S., $Mahadevan R.
18:00 End of Session

BIO15Ballroom 3 (C)

Microalgae, Production and Applications 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - G. Allen and J.-S. Deschenes

14:10 00623 Microwave Assisted Direct Transesterification and Hydrolysis of Algal Biomass for Biofuel Production Small D.P., Taha A., *$Wan W.K.
14:30 00624 Microalgae Milking with Microemulsions Chan J., Chu C., $Diosady L.L., Acosta E.J.
14:50 00625 Purification of Docosahexaenoic Acid by Selective Esterification of Fatty Acids from Tuna Fish Oil with Rhizopus oryzae Lipase $Bhandari K., *Chaurasia S.P., Gupta A., Dalai A.K.
15:10 00626 Extracts of Phytoplankton Support Growth and Productivity of Recombinant CHO Cells *Spearman M.A., Jung V., Liu B., $Butler M.
15:30 00627 The Development of Mixed Algal Biofilms for Biofilm Based Bioreactors Schnurr P.J., *Irving T., Espie G., $Allen D.G.
15:50 End of Session

BIO16Ballroom 3 (C)

Separation and Downstream Processing

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - K. Weber

16:20 00628 Adsorptive Chromatographic Refolding of Proteins Kaur H., $Bassi A.
16:40 00629 Effect of Palmitic Acid on Association Behaviour of b-Lactoglobulin Ignagni N.Z., *Legge R.L.
17:00 00630 Factors Minimizing Emulsion Stability During Aqueous Extraction of Dehulled Yellow Mustard Flour Tabtabaei S., *Diosady L.L.
17:20 00631 Adsorptive Refolding and Purification of GST-His6 Recombinant Protein Using Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography Alassuity A.S., Bassi A., Zhu J.
17:40 End of Session

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