61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday AM

ENR1Ballroom 4 (C)


Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - F. Berruti

09:30 00024 Use of Whey in a New Industrial Process Aimed At Optimizing Mixotroph Microalgae Growth for Biodiesel Production *Girard J.M., Deschênes J.S., Tremblay R., $Heitz M., Faucheux N.
09:50 00025 FAME Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using a Membrane Reactor $Tremblay A.Y., *Dubé M.A., Hasswa R.
10:10 00026 A Single-Step Solid Acid-Catalyzed Process for the Synthesis of Biodiesel from Jatropha Oil as Second Generation Feedstock using Versatile Green Catalysts Baig A., *Ng F.T.T.
10:30 00027 A Simple and Green Analytical Method for Determination of Acid Number of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends using Green Chemistry Approaches Baig A., Paszti M.D., *Ng F.T.T.
10:50 00028 Insitu Transesterification of Soy Bean Oil Pisters K., *Prakash A.
11:10 00029 Novel Green Process for the Production of Biodiesel from Multi-Feedstock using Second Generation Heterogeneous Acid Catalysts Baig A., *Ng F.T.T.
11:30 00030 Soy Biodiesel Production over Mg-Zn Mixed Oxide Catalysts Nagaraju P., Rampel G., *Ng F.
11:50 00031 Value Added Uses of Crude Glycerol for Biomaterial Applications Reddy M., *Mohanty A., $Misra M.
12:10 End of Session

ENR2Ballroom 5 (C)

Oil Sands - Upgrading

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - J. McMillan

09:30 00032 Effect of Addition of Citric Acid on the Hydrotreating Activity of NiMo/ c-Al2O3 Catalysts Mohanty S., *Dalai A., Adjaye J.
09:50 00033 Physical activation of oil sands coke using CO2 Karimi A., Thinon O., Tinguely S.B., *Hill J.M., Ouyang T., Jia C.Q., Fournier J.
10:10 00034 The Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Low Temperature Oxidation Kinetics of Alaska Heavy Oil Khansari Z., *$Mahinpey N.
10:30 00035 Study of Nitrogen Removal from Heavy Oil Using Natural Zeolites and Model Compounds Rocha G., Kuznicki S.M., Yang S., McCaffrey W.C.
10:50 00036 Characterization of Asphaltene and its Sub-fractions by UV-vis Spectrophotometer and ESI FT ICR-MS Wang S.S., *Shi Q., Gray M.R., Xu C.M., Zhao S.Q.
11:10 00037 Particle Attrition with Supersonic Nozzles in a High Temperature Fluidized Bed *$Briens C., Li F., Berruti F., Mcmillan J.
11:30 00038 Stability of Liquid-Solid Agglomerates in Gas-Solid Fluidized Beds *Berruti F., Parveen F., Briens C., Mcmillan J.
11:50 End of Session

Monday PM

ENR3Ballroom 4 (C)

Biomaterials, Biochar

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - A. Mohanty

14:10 00152 Water-blown Rigid Biofoams from Functionalized Soy oil based Biopolyurethane and Microcystalline Cellulose (MCC) for Automotive Applications Luo X., Mohanty A., *$Misra M.
14:30 00153 Renewable Resource Based New Thermoset Resin/Lignin Hybrid Biomaterials: Processing and Properties Evaluation Deka H., *Misra M., $Mohanty A.
14:50 00154 Torrefaction of Flax Straw using a Thermogravimetry Analysis Vincent S., *$Mahinpey N., Mani T., Murugan P.
15:10 00155 Biochar Production and Its Application *Berruti F., Cruz D., Mohammad J., Ferrante L., Briens C.
15:30 00156 Development of an Innovative Torrefier $Sule I., *Dutta A.
15:50 End of Session

ENR4Ballroom 4 (C)

Biochemical Processes

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - L. Rehmann

16:20 00157 Enhanced Biobutanol Production in Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation with Kinetic Analysis Thirmal C., *Dahman Y.
16:40 00158 Sonicated Biological Hydrogen Reactor for Biohydrogen Production *$Elbeshbishy E., Hafez H., Nakhla G.
17:00 00159 Effective Choice of Bacterial Strain and Optimal Feedstock Composition in the Fermentation of Butanol Bio-Fuel Al Neddaff H., Turcotte G., Dahman Y.
17:20 00160 Fermentive Butanol Production Using a Pervaporation Membrane Reactor *Kanjilal B., Li S.Y., Srivastava R., $Parnas R.
17:40 End of Session

ENR5Ballroom 5 (C)

Oil Sands - Extraction

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - A. de Klerk

14:10 00161 Effect of Aromatic Contaminants in Paraffinic Froth Treatment Solvent on Asphaltene Precipitation *Xu Y., Dabros T., Kan J.
14:30 00162 The Effect of Shear Exposure on Oil Sand Lump Ablation *Pazouki M., Sanders R.S.
14:50 00163 Use of a Clay Binder for Improving Processability of Low-grade Oil Sand Ores $Tseng H., *Xu Z.
15:10 00164 Kinetics of Solvent Recovery from Non Aqueous Extracted Oil Sands Tailings Vagi L., Tan X., Nikakhthari H., *$Gray M.R., Choi P., Liu Q.
15:30 00165 Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium Properties of Bitumen + Light Hydrocarbons Mixtures: Potential for In Situ and Surface Upgrading Nourozieh H., Kariznovi M., *Abedi J.
15:50 End of Session

ENR6Ballroom 5 (C)

Oil Sands - In Situ Extraction

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - A. de Klerk

16:20 00166 Performance Enhancement of VAPEX by Temporal Variation of Solvent Injection Pressure Muhamad H., *Upreti S., Lohi A., Doan H.
16:40 00167 Density Prediction for Mixtures of Heavy Oil and Dissolved Gas Saryazdi F., Schoeggl F., *$Yarranton H.W
17:00 00168 Feasibility of Immiscible Cyclic CO2 Injection (CO2 Huff-and-Puff) in Heavy Oil Reservoirs, Experimental Study *Firouz Q., $Torabi F.
17:20 00169 Cyclic CO2 Injection *$Alshmakhy A., Maini B.
17:40 End of Session

ENR-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00170 Improvement of Fuel Oil by Means of Asphaltene Extraction Hernandez-Castillejos B., *Sanchez-Minero F., Silva-Oliver G., Ramos-Melendez N.
17:40 00171 Biodiesel Production Using Ion-exchange Resin Catalyst Combined with Emulsification Mixing of Raw Oil and Methanol *Nigahara Y., Sungwornpatansakul P., Yoshikawa K.
17:40 00172 Effect of Substrate Over Biogas Production Using Rabbit Waste Teniza O., *$Solis M.
17:40 00173 Biobutanol Production from Wheat Straw by Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation Using Clostridium fusant : Batch Process Begum S., *Dahman Y.
17:40 00174 Process Kinetics of Bunsen Reaction in Presence of Organic Solvent for H2S Splitting Cycle and S-I Cycle of H2 Production Li J., *$Wang H., Chuang K.T.
17:40 00175 Synthesis of CO2 Hydrates in a Slurry Bubble Column with a Promoter Oddy S., Myre D., Servio P., *Macchi A.
17:40 00176 Synthesis of Novel Polymer for Selective Removal of Neutral Nitrogen Species from HGO to Study Inhibition/Deactivation of Catalyst Active Sites Rizwan D., *Dalai A.K., $Adjaye J.
17:40 00177 Analysis of Centralized Large Scale Hydrogen Production to Meet Ontario's Hydrogen Economy Demands *Liu H., $Elkamel A., Fowler M., Almansoori A.
17:40 00178 Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics of Diesel Surrogate Reforming *Parmar R.D., Shekhawat D., Peppley B.A., Karan K.
17:40 00179 Effect of Ethyl Disulfide on the Catalytic Activity of Nickel Catalyst During Steam Reforming of Methane Shanmugapriya K., *$Abatzoglou N.
17:40 00180 Detail Heat, Mass and Transport Study in Catalytic Plate Fuel Reformer using Microkinetics Mundhwa M.A., Parmar R.D., Peppley B.A., Thurgood C.
17:40 00181 Experimental Study of Steam Utilization in a High-Temperature Copper (II) Chloride Hydrolysis Reactor Pope K., *Wang Z., $Naterer G.F.
17:40 00182 The Investigation of Emulsion Filter Cakes Formed During the Ultrafiltration of Canola Oil in Water and in a Membrane Reactor for the Production of Biodiesel Falahati H., *$Tremblay A.Y.
17:40 00183 Ethanol Dehydration With Protein Extracted Canola Meal in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process Ranjbar Z., Kumar P., Dalai A.K., Niu C.H.
17:40 00184 Natural Gas Processes: LNG and GTL, Process Simulation, Modeling, and Economic Analysis $Alsobhi S., *Elkamel A.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

ENR7Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells - Catalysts and Electrodes

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - B. Peppley

09:30 00338 Effects of Porous Structure and Surface Chemistry of Carbon Electrode Material on the Performance of Supercapacitors Caguiat J., Jia C., Kirk D.
09:50 00339 Carbon Nanotube Core and Metal Free CNx Shell Nanostructures as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts Higgins D.C., *Chen Z.
10:10 00340 Atomic Layer Deposition of Pt Nanocatalyst on Graphene and N-doped Graphene for PEM Fuel Cell Applications Sun S., Gauquelin N., Zhang G., Meng X., Geng D., Li R., Ye S., Knights S., Botton G., Sun X.
10:30 00341 Non-Precious Metal Catalyst Showing High Activity and Stability towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Zinc Air Fuel Cell Application Chen Z., Choi J.-Y., Wang H., Li H., *$Chen Z.
10:50 00342 Highly Active Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotube as Air Cathode Catalyst for Zinc Air Fuel Cell Chen Z., Zhu S., Wang H., Li H., *$Chen Z.
11:10 00343 Pyrolyzed Non-precious Electrocatalyst Using Fe-N Coordinated Nitrogen-rich Precursor in Acid Wu J, Li W, *Chen Z
11:30 00344 High Power Supercapacitor Electrodes from Graphene $Davies A., *Yu A.
11:50 00345 Biologically Inspired, Highly Durable Fe-SPc Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells Wu J., $Li W., *Chen Z.
12:10 End of Session

ENR8Ballroom 4 (C)

Pyrolysis and Bio-oil

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - J. Chaouki

09:30 00346 Development of a Novel Experimental Method for Measuring the Thermal Stability of Pyrolysis Oils *Briens C., Siriwardhana M., Mohammad J., Berruti F.
09:50 00347 Simultaneous Copyrolysis of Heavy Oil and Sawdust Bio-oil in a Continuous Mechanically Fluidized Bed *Berruti F., Lance R., Xu R., Ferrante L., Briens C., Hagey L.
10:10 00348 Biomass Conversion through Hydrous Pyrolysis Lee H., Dharma D., Hsie B., Tang G., Chakrabarti D.
10:30 00349 Lignin Pyrolysis in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Fractional Condensation *Briens C., Lago V., Palmisano P., Berruti F.
10:50 00350 Study of Bio-oil from Liquefaction of Pinewood Sawdust Wang Y., *Zheng Y., $Lin H.F., Wang H.
11:10 00351 Fractional Condensation of Bio-Oil *$Briens C., Tumbalam Gooty A., Mohammad J., Berruti F.
11:30 End of Session

Tuesday PM

ENR9Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells - Membranes and Graphene

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - K. Karan

14:10 00436 Development of a Novel Swiss-Roll Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell: Application for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cells Aziznia A., $Oloman C.W., *Gyenge E.L.
14:30 00437 Anion Exchange Membrane for High Temperature Alkaline Fuel Cells $Zarrin H., *Chen Z., Fowler M.
14:50 00438 Functionalized Graphene Oxide as a New Highly Proton Conductive Composite Membrane for PEMFCs at High Temperature and Low Humidity $Zarrin H., Jun Y., Fowler M., *Chen Z.
15:10 00439 Synthesis and Application of Doped-graphene as Non-noble Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells Geng D., Sun S., Hu Y., Li R., *Sun X., Ye S., Knights S.
15:30 00440 Chemical Functionalization of Graphene for Lithium Ion Batteries Hu Y., Li R., $Sun A.
15:50 End of Session

ENR10Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells and their Fuel

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - K. Karan

16:20 00441 Modeling of Control Parameters of a Fuel Cell (Proton Exchange Membrane) Cooled By Air Vanopper B., Arranz L., Barambones O., Merino J.M., Camarero L.M., *$Villota N.
16:40 00442 AD-Derived Biogas Variability and Use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in North America Lackey J., *Champagne P., Peppley B.A., Maier A.
17:00 00443 Thermodynamic Model Development of an Integrated AD-SOFC System for the Determination of Optimal Operating Conditions Wartman T., Thurgood C., *Champagne P., Peppley B., McAlary G.
17:20 00444 Study on Electrolysis of HI in the Bunsen Reaction Product Solution for H2 Production Zhao X., *$Wang H., Chuang K.T.
17:40 00445 Thermal Decomposition of Polydimethylsiloxanes on Activated Gamma Alumina Sonoc A.C., Thurgood C., Peppley B.
18:00 End of Session

ENR11Ballroom 4 (C)

Supercritical Processes and Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - C. Briens

14:10 00446 A Parametric Study on Gasification of Rice husk in Supercritical Water *Leon M., Mettanant V., Dutta A., $Basu P.
14:30 00447 Gasification of Biomass to H2 using Supercritical Water Ding N., Surisetty V., Azargohar R., *Dalai A., Kozinski J.
14:50 00448 Screening Catalyst Metals for Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin Model Compounds in Super-critical Isopropyl Alcohol $Feng S., Yuan Z., Leitch M., *Xu C.
15:10 00449 Towards the Stoichiometric Conversion of Biodiesel Derived Crude Glycerol to Hydrogen: Response Surface Methodology Study of the Effect of Light Intensity and the Concentration of Crude Glycerol and Glutamate Ghosh D., Flore Sobro I., *$Hallenbeck P.C.
15:30 End of Session

ENR12Ballroom 4 (C)

Production and Use of Green Chemicals

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - F. Berruti

16:20 00450 Production of Aromatic-based Chemicals and Intermediary for Jet Fuel Synthesis Via Successive Steam Explosion of Lignocellulosic Biomass and Depolymerization of Lignin Beauchet R., *Lavoie J.M.
16:40 00451 Use of Hydroisomerization to Reduce the Melting Point of Palmitic Acid Methyl Ester $Reaume S.J., *Ellis N.
17:00 00452 Making Fuel Pellets from Canola Meal and Raw Glycerol Clarke T., Azargohar R., *Dalai A.K., $Kozinski J.A.
17:20 00453 Kinetic Study of Ethanolysis of Canola Oil in a Batch Reactor and Development of a Novel Method to Reduce the Mass Transfer Effects Pal K.D., *Prakash A.
17:40 End of Session

Wednesday AM

ENR13Ballroom 4 (C)

Chemical Looping and CO2 Storage

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - G. Patience

09:30 00548 Chemical Looping Gasification of Biomass Acharya B., *Dutta A., Basu P.
09:50 00549 .Practical Sorbents for Ca Looping Technology $Ridha F., Manovic V., Macchi A., *Anthony E.
10:10 00550 Hydrogen Production via Water Splitting over Fe-Cu Based Oxygen Carriers *$Chiron F.-X., Patience G.S.
10:30 00551 CO2 EOR Potential in Western Canada *$Peachey B.R.
10:50 00552 Implementing Artificial Neural Networks to Predict the Performance of the CO2 Sequestration in Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs *$Mohammadpoor M., Torabi F.
11:10 End of Session

ENR14Ballroom 5 (C)

Petroleum and Natural Gas

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - F. Berruti

09:30 00553 Generalized Stoichiometry to Model Gas Phase Composition during Gasification of Complex Cokes *$Maya-Yescas R., Jiménez-García G., Paniagua-Rodríguez J.C.
09:50 00554 Density and Molecular Weight Distribution of Asphaltenes from Native and Refined Crude Oils Barrera D.M., Ortiz D.P., Yarranton H.W.
10:10 00555 New Insights into Gas Hydrate Decomposition in the Presence of Synthetic and Biological Inhibitors Daraboina N., *$Englezos P., Ripmeester J.A., Walker V.K.
10:30 00556 Improving Reliability of Crude Furnace Air Preheater for Cold Climates through Engineering Design *$Gollpudi B., Nichols D.
10:50 00557 Microbial Inhibition of Methane Clathrate Hydrates Townson I.M., *$Englezos P., Ripmeester J.A., Walker V.K.
11:10 00558 Effect of Cooling Rate on the Wax Appearance Temperature of "Waxy" Mixtures $Kasumu A.S., Arumugam S., *Mehrotra A.K.
11:30 00559 Studies in Delayed Coking of Arabian Mix Asphalt *$Sawarkar A.N., Pandit A.B., Joshi J.B.
11:50 End of Session

Wednesday PM

ENR15Ballroom 4 (C)

Coal and Co-feed Combustion

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - E. Rosen

14:10 00644 Froth Phase Study of Coal Flotation in a Mechanical Flotation Column $Wang H., Cao M., Sztuke J.C., Stradling A., Xu Z., *Liu Q.
14:30 00645 Influence of Pressure on CO2 Gasification of Petroleum Coke Malekshahian M., *Hill J.M.
14:50 00646 Influence of Feed Size on Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed Separator Performance Mohanta S., Daram A.B., Chakraborty S., *$Meikap B.C.
15:10 00647 Torrefaction of BC Softwoods *$Boyd T., Kempthorne H., Lee G., Ghiasi B., Sokhansanj S.
15:30 00648 Studying Kinetics and Mechanism of Catalytic Coal Gasification Reactions in Fluidized-Bed-TGA *Samih S., Jaafari R., $Chaouki J.
15:50 End of Session

ENR16Ballroom 5 (C)

Solar Energy

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - H. Tezel

14:10 00649 Photocatalytic Degradation of Formaldehyde and Simultaneous Hydrogen Production Using Pt/TiO2 Malekshoar Gh., Chowdhury P., Ray M.B., Zhu J., Ray A.K.
14:30 00650 Long Term Solar Energy Storage in Adsorbent Beds *$Tezel F.H., Stephens S.
14:50 00651 Inherently Bipolar and Highly Absorbing Boronsubphthalocyanines as Functional Layers in Organic Photovoltaics *$Bender T.P., Morse G., Castrucci J., Paton A.
15:10 00652 Fabrication of TiO2 Blocking Layer for Solid-electrolyte Dye-sensitized Solar Cells *$Li Y., Jiang C.Y., Leung M.Y., Koh W.L.
15:30 00653 Behaviour of Dye-sensitized Photocatalyst Under Visible and Solar Radiation - A Comparative Study for Hydrogen Generation $Chowdhury P., Gomaa H., *Ray A.K.
15:50 End of Session

ENR17Ballroom 5 (C)

Shale Gas

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - J. Chaouki

16:20 00654 Multiscale Probabilistic Mass Transport in Shallow Organic Matter Rich Shales Cokar M., Kallos M.S., Gates I.D.
16:40 00655 Offsetting the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Shale Gas by CCS Wang J., Ryan D., Anthony E.J.
17:00 00656 Strategies for Low Temperature Bitumen Pyrolysis Toosi E., De Klerk A., McCaffey W.
17:20 End of Session

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