61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Monday AM

MSE1Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Polymerization Reaction Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - J. Soares

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00054 Waterborne Mechanical Dispersions to Replace Solvent Borne Coating Binders Beigzadeh D.
Keynote Lecture:

10:10 00059 An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Synthesis of High-molecular Weight Linear and Branched Polylactides Mantourlias T., Seretis A., Karidi K., *$Kiparissides C.
10:50 00055 Investigation of Ethylene Polymerization Kinetics with rac-Et(Ind)2ZrCl2 in a Solution Reactor Mehdiabadi S., Soares J.B.P.
11:10 00056 Photoinduced Degradation of Poly (N-vinylpyrrolidone ) in Aqueous Solution by Iron Salts: Degradation Mechanism and Kinetic Modeling *$Ghafoori S., Mehrvar M., Chan P.
11:30 00057 Parameter Estimation in a Nylon 66 Degradation Model Karimi H., Schaffer M.A., $McAuley K.B.
11:50 00058 One-Pot Enzymatic Synthesis of Polyesters with Thermally Sensitive Functionalities Nosella K., *Faucher S.
MSE2Salon A (C)

Polymers in Nanotechnology 1

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - T. Bender

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00060 Polymeric Nanostructures for Chemical and Biomedical Applications Tam M.
10:10 00061 Surface-Initiated Ethylene "Living" Polymerization on Silica Nanoparticles with Covalently Supported Pd-Diimine Catalysts: Control of Polymer Graft Density and Chain Structural Parameters Xiang P., *Ye Z.
Keynote Lecture:

10:30 00062 Fluorescent, Thermo-Responsive Copolymers Synthesised by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization Lessard B., Ling E., *$Maric M.
11:10 00063 One-Pot "Arm-First" Synthesis of Core-Crosslinked Multiarm Star Polyethylene via Palladium-Catalyzed "Living" Ethylene Polymerization Landry E., *Ye Z.
Keynote Lecture:

11:30 00064 Polymer Semiconductors for Printed Organic Electronics *$Li Y., Sun B., Hong W., Aziz H.

Monday PM

MSE3Salon A (C)

Polymerization Reaction Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - T. McKenna

Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award Lecture:

14:10 00221 Macromolecular Reaction Engineering of Controlled Radical Polymerization - What Can Chemical Engineers Contribute to Polymer Science *$Zhu S.
14:50 00222 Increasing the Versatility of Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization to Make New Functional Materials *Maric M.
Keynote Lecture:

15:10 00223 Advances in Living/Controlled Polymerization in Waterborne Systems: New Opportunities in Designing Latexes with Tailored Microstructure and Properties *$Cunningham M.F.
15:50 Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00224 Monitoring and Control of Particle Sizes and Morphology in Suspension Polymerizations with NIRS *$Pinto J.C.
17:00 00225 Free Radical Copolymerization Kinetics of Hydroxy-Functional Monomers Liang K., *Hutchinson R.A.
17:20 00226 Application of Parameter Selection and Estimation Techniques in a Thermal Styrene Polymerization Model Woloszyn J.D., *$McAuley K.B.
17:40 00227 Dynamic Plant Simulation for the High-Pressure LDPE Process Krallis A., Pladis P., Baltsas A., *$Kiparissides C.
18:00 End of Session

MSE-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00228 Physical Functionalization of Microparticles with DNA Kesselman L., Johnstone S., Li J., Filipe C., Li Y., Shinwary Syed S., Ali M., *Hoare T.
17:40 00229 Polymer Design using Latent Variable Methods Tzoc M., Nichols E., MacGregor J., *$Hoare* T.
17:40 00230 Microfiltration of Microgel Particles Pan S., Tzoc M., Hoare T., *Ghosh R.
17:40 00231 Characterization of Ethylene/-Olefin Copolymers Made with a Single-Site Catalyst Using Crystallization Elution Fractionation Al-Khazaal A., $Soares J.
17:40 00232 Preparation of Polymer-Nanocrystalline Cellulose via Electrospinning Techniques Finkle A.C., Reddy C.R., Eder P., *$Simon L.C.
17:40 00233 Controlled Homopolymerization of 4-Acryloylmorpholine by Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization: Application to Block Copolymers with Carbazole Functionality Lessard B., Savelyeva X., *$Maric M.
17:40 00234 Mathematical Modelling of Free-radical Polymerization and Diffusion of Acrylamide and Bisacrylamide in Polymer Gel Dosimeters Used in Radiation Dose Detection for Brachytherapy Nasr A.T., Schreiner L.J., *$McAuley K.B.
17:40 00235 The Role of Renewable Feedstock for Thermoplastic Composites *$Simon L.
17:40 00236 Analysis of the Effectiveness of Mixing on MMA Solution Polymerization in a CSTR *$Fathi Roudsari Sh., Ein-Mozaffari F., Dhib R.
17:40 00237 Experimental Measurements and Modeling of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium in Binary Systems of Volatile and Normal Heavy Hydrocarbons at Elevated Temperatures Kariznovi M., Nourozieh H., *Abedi J.
17:40 00712 Pushing the Envelope: Novel Methodologies for the Preparation of Translucent Nanolatexes Smeets N.M.B., McKenna T.F.L.
17:40 00713 Reactive Polyhydroxyalkanoates: A Sustainable Alternative for the Preparation of Polymer Hybrid Materials Moraes R.P., Smeets N.M.B., McKenzie N., Zhang Y., Kontopoulou M., Ramsay B., Ramsay J.A., McKenna T.F.L.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

MSE4Salon A (C)

Composite and Hybrid Materials 1

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - P. Charpentier

09:30 00367 Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Latex Hydrogenation of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-polystyrene-poly(acrylonitrile-co-butadiene) Tri-layer Core-shell Nanoparticles $Wang H., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
09:50 00368 Requirements for the Successful In Situ Production of Polyethylene-Clay Nanocomposites Maneshi A., *Soares J.B.P.
10:10 00369 Effect of Surface Functionalization of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes on the Properties of Ethylene-Octene Copolymer Nanocomposites *Osazuwa O., Kontopoulou M., $Docoslis A., Zhibin Y.
10:30 00370 Linear Amphiphilic Copolymers Comprising a Synthetic Block and a Renewable (Polysaccharide) Block via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Krasznai D., Champagne P., Cunningham M.
10:50 00371 Graft Copolymers of Cellulose Prepared Using SET-LRP in Ionic Liquid Donaldson J., Champagne P., Cunningham M.
11:10 00372 Using RAFT Living Polymeriztation for Modifying Graphene Sheets for Next Generation Solar Thermal Cells Gu R., $Charpentier P.
11:30 00373 Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate Nanocomposites by Incorporating Very High Loading of Graphene Nanoplatelets $Davies A., *Yu A.
11:50 End of Session

Tuesday PM

MSE5Salon A (C)

Polymers in Nanotechnology 2

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - T. Bender

14:10 00470 Self-Cleaning Polyurethane and Polyester Coatings Tang Y., Wang L., Chowdhury R.R., Lotus A., Jenkins D., Therrien P., *Charpentier P.A.
14:30 00471 Molecular Dynamics Study of the Diffusivity of Water in Polyurethane With and Without an Aptamer $Zhou D., Choi P.
14:50 00472 Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun Chitosan-based Membranes for Heavy Metal Ions Removal from Drinking Water $Pakravan M., *Heuzey M.-C., Ajji A., Barbeau B.
Keynote Lecture:

15:10 00473 Synthesis and Characterization of Thermoplastic Flexible Polyesters and Polyimides with pH Sensitive Dissipatability *Sacripante G., $Foucher D.
15:50 Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00474 Advances in Polymer Nanocompostites: Thermoplastics, Clays and Nanocrystalline Cellulose *$Simon L.
17:00 00475 Synthesis of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Nano Particles via Differential Emulsion Polymerization Zou R., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
17:20 00476 Thermally Induced Wrinkling Phenomena in Automotive Decorative Film Laminates *Pukadyil R.N., Nielsen K.E., Brandys F.A., $Thompson M.R. WITHDRAWN
17:40 End of Session

Wednesday AM

MSE6Salon A (C)

Polymerization Reaction Engineering 3

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - J. Soares

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00580 A Kinetic Comparison Between Meteallocene Catalyst Activated by Tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl) Borate and MAO for the Polymerization of Ethylene in a Semi-Batch Solution Reactor Brinen J.L., Mehdiabadi S., $Soares J.B.P., Bilbao D.
10:10 00581 Toward Understanding the Role of Crystallization and Dissolution Kinetics in Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation (TREF) of Ethylene/1-Olefin Copolymers $Anantawaraskul S., Siriwongsarn E., Chokputtanawuttilerd N., Soares J.B.P.
Keynote Lecture:

10:30 00582 Significance of Microstructure in Polyolefins Performance: Characterization Tools *$Monrabal B.
11:10 00583 Polyolefins Characterization Techniques: A Comparison Between TREF, CRYSTAF, and CEF Alghyamah A.A., *Soares J.B.P.
Keynote Lecture:

11:30 00584 The Study of Olefin Polymerisation at Short Times: Gas and Solution Phase Studies Using Specially Adapted Reactors Tioni E., Monteil V., Ranieri E., Boisson C., McKenna T.

Wednesday PM

MSE7Salon A (C)

Composite and Hybrid Materials 2

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - P. Charpentier

14:10 00669 De-Polymerization of Lignin with Formic Acid in Sub-/Supercritical Solvent of 50% Aqueous Ethanol $Cheng S., Wang M., Yuan Z., Leitch M., *Xu C.
14:30 00670 Novel Use of Ultraviolet Irradiation to Improve the Thermal Stability of Wheat Straw Fiber for Thermoplastic Composites Applications Vedoy D., Tsui T., Simon L.
14:50 00671 Kinetics & Modeling of Homopolymerization and Copolymerization of Water-Soluble Monomers *Santana Krishnan S., Hutchinson R.A., Stach M., Lacik I.
15:10 00672 Response Surface Models for Optimization of Polypropylene-Wheat Straw Formulations Rois F., Elkamel A., *$Simon L.
15:30 00673 Carbon Aerogels for Solar Thermal Applications Gribbon J., *Charpentier P.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00674 Rheological Studies on Plastic Foam Processing Emami M., Vlachopoulos J., Thompson M., Takacs E.
16:40 00675 Thermoplastic Reinforced With Cellulosic Nanocrystal Derived From Potato Pulp Chen D., *$Thompson M.R.
17:00 00676 Soy-Polypropylene Biocomposites for Automotive Applications Guettler B., Moresoli C., *$Simon L.
17:20 00677 Comparison of Mica, Talc, Wollastonite and Wheat Straw on the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene (Homopolymer, Copolymer and Blend) Sharma A.M., *$Simon L.C.
17:40 00678 Light and Heat Selective Nanocomposite Polymer Films for Greenhouses Allan J., *Abdul M., Charpentier P.
18:00 End of Session

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