61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday AM

NNO1Salon C (C)

Synthesis, Characterization and Toxicity Control of Nanomaterials

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - S. Coulombe

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00065 Nanoparticle Flotation Collectors -Balancing Hydrophobicity and Colloidal Stability Pelton R.
10:10 00066 Silver Nano-Particles Synthesis, Scale-Up and Characterization for Fabrication of High-Conductivity Elements for Printed Electronics Mokhtari M., *Saban M., Wong Y., Gaynor R., Wu Y.
10:30 00067 Synthesis of Novel Metal Silicide Nanostructures as Catalyst Support for PEMFCs Norouzi Banis M., Zhang Y., Sun S., Meng X., Li R., Cai M., *Sun X.
10:50 00068 Mechanical and Interfacial Properties of Nanocellulose Composites Prepared Through Layer-by-Layer Assembly Cranston E.D.
11:10 00069 Gold Nanomaterials and Their Influence on Surface Enhanced Raman (SERS) Spectroscopy Chen T., Jervis E., *$Henneke D., Woodford C.
11:30 00070 Visible Light Active Fe Doped TiO2 Nanowires Grown on Graphene using Supercritical CO2 Farhangi N., *Charpentier P., Chowdhury R., Medina-Gonzalez Y., Ray M.
11:50 00071 Safe Design of Nanomaterials via the Implementation of an Integrated EHS Computational Platform *$Kiparissides C.
12:10 End of Session

Monday PM

NNO2Salon C (C)

Nanomaterials in Biological and Biomedical Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - A. Margaritis and K. Yu

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00238 Polymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery in Cancer Shoichet M.
14:50 00478 Study of Electrically Conductive Bacterial Nanowires Leung K.M., Lau L., Southam G., *$Yang J.
15:10 00240 Controlled Release of Doxorubicin from Polyglutamic Acid-Composite Nanoparticles *Margaritis A., $Hellmers F., Koropatnick J., Ferguson P.
15:30 00241 High Sensitive Biosensor Platform Based on OMCVD Grown Gold Nanoparticles for Multiple Biomarker Detection Ertorer E., Jiang H., Tingjie L., Yang J., Sabarinathan J., *$Mittler S.
15:50 End of Session

NNO3Salon C (C)

Functional Nanocomposites 1

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - Y. Li

Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00242 Plastic Solar Cells *$Leclerc M.
17:00 00243 Synthesis and Characterization of Polycyclopentene@Carbon Nanotubes Coaxial Nanocables Muboyayi B., *Ye Z., Xu L.
17:20 00244 Superhydrophobic RTV Silicone Rubber Coatings for High Voltage Insulators Seyedmehdi S., Zhang H., *Zhu J.
17:40 00245 Numerical Estimation of the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids $Aristizabal F., Feichtinger C., *Coulombe S.
18:00 End of Session

NNO-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00246 A Facile Method to Tune Zeolite L Crystals Gaona-Gomez A., *$Cheng C.-H.
17:40 00247 Photosensitization of ScCO2 Synthesized TiO2 Nanowires Decorated with ZnS and ZnTeS Quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Devices Chowdhury R.R., Moula G., *$Charpentier P.A.
17:40 00248 Mass Producing of High-Purity Carbon Nanopearls by Chemical Vapour Deposition Method Sadeghvishkaei M., *Yunus R., Ahmady A., Mohd Salleh M.A., $Pignolet A.
17:40 00249 Development of Water Dispersible Iron Oxide Nanocubes Chen L., *$Zhang J.
17:40 00250 Development of CdSe Quantum Dots with a pH-sensitive Hydrogel Coating Chen L., Willoughby A., *$Zhang J.
17:40 00251 Localized Delivery of Growth Factor through New Nanocomposites for Ocular Burn *$Zhang J., Postovit L., Zhang G., Bi R., Hodge W., Yin P.
17:40 00252 Direct Carbon Nanotube Growth on Stainless Steel 304 *Baddour C.E., Meunier J.-L.
17:40 00253 Direct Growth and Removal of Carbon Nanotubes from Stainless Steel 316 Mesh Hordy N., Coulombe S., Meunier J.L.
17:40 00254 Effects of the Ni:PVP Mass Ratio of Nickel Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Modified Polyol Method on the Purification of Histidine-tagged Recombinant Proteins Parisien A., Ahmed A., Al-Zarka F., Baranova E.A., Thibault J., *$Lan C.Q.
17:40 00255 New Developments of Atomic Force Microscopy for Surface Science in Biology, Chemistry and Materials Engineering *$Yang J.
17:40 00256 Synthesis of Ag -TiO2 Nanocomposite Thin Film for Antibacterial Application Yu B.Y., Lau L., *$Yang J.
17:40 00257 Nanophase Separation Control of Semiconductor Blends for Organic Solar Cells Murphy L., *$Li Y., Aziz H.
17:40 00258 Nitrogen Doped Graphene Nanoplatelets for Supercapacitor Application $Davies A., *Yu A.
17:40 00259 Functionalization and Characterization of the Nanofillers for Homogeneous Dispersion into Epoxy Resins Meschi Amoli B., *$Zhao B., Hu A., Zhou N.
17:40 00260 Chitosan-based Nanoparticles for Encapsulation and Controlled Release of rh-Erythropoietin: A Response Surface Approach *Margaritis A., $Bulmer C., Xenocostas A.
17:40 00261 Mechanical Response of Silica Nanoparticles Incoporated Into a Poly-HEMA-Based Matrix *$Zhang J., Yin P., Kim H.
17:40 00262 Production of Nanocrystalline Cellulose from Bacterial Cellulose for Drug Delivery Small D.P., Li X., Gholami A., *$Wan W.K.
17:40 00263 Effect of Different Solvents on Thin Film Nano-Zeolite/Polyamide Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane $Fathizadeh M., *Aroujalian A., Raisi A.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

NNO4Salon C (C)

Functional Nanocomposites 2

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - Y. Li

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00374 Novel Electrically Conductive Polymeric Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications *$Sundararaj U., Arjmand M., Gelves G.A.
10:10 00375 Effect of In Situ Interfacial Reaction on Microstructure and Properties of Polypropylene Nanocomposites Wan D., Wang Y., Wen X., Tang T.
10:30 00376 Processing of Carbon Nanofibre and Molecular Glass Nanocomposites for Chemical Sensor Applications *Amir T., $Pagé D.J.Y.S., Lebel O.
10:50 00377 Surfactant Assisted Incorporation of Debundled Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes into a Biocompatible Polymer $Davis T.J., Zhang J., *Herrera J.E.
11:10 00378 Biocellulose Nanofibers Modified with pHEMA using ATRP Nakhoda H., $Dahman Y.
11:30 00379 Field-switching Dynamics of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Functional Materials Abukhdeir N.M.
11:50 End of Session

Tuesday PM

NNO5Salon C (C)

Nanomaterials in Biological and Biomedical Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - T. Hoare

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00477 Nanoscale Functionalities for Targeted Delivery of Biopharmaceutics *$Kiparissides C., Kammona O.
14:50 00239 Evaluating and Advancing the Use of Nanoscale Fibrils as Dry Adhesives *$Gates B.D., Li Y., Zhang C., Zhou J., Zhang X., Menon C.
15:10 00479 SiRNA Delivery using Poly(TMCC-co-LA)-g-PEG Micelles Chan D., *$Shoichet M.S., Deleavey G.F., Damha M.J., Lu J., Owen S.C.
15:30 00480 Development of Multifunctional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications Chen L., *$Zhang J.
15:50 End of Session

NNO6Salon C (C)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - C. Lan and J. Herrera

16:20 00481 The Production of Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide Using a Transferred Arc Plasma Process: Synthesis, Characterization and Preliminary Economics *Munz R.J., Liao X., Wang J.
16:40 00482 Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Thermal Interface Materials *$Yu A.
17:00 00483 Synthesis of Supported Silver Nano Particles as a Catalyst for CO Oxidation Reaction Using Gel Casting Technique Ahmadi S., Kazemian H., *Rohani S., $Manteghian M.
17:20 00484 ALD Coating of CoOx and ZrO2 $Liu J., Meng X., Li R., *Sun X.
17:40 00485 Preparation of Stable Graphene Dispersion in Organic Solvents via Liquid Phase Noncovalent Exfoliation of Graphite with a Hyperbranched Polyethylene McGraw J., Xu L., *Ye Z.
18:00 End of Session

Wednesday AM

NNO7Salon C (C)

Interface and Surface at Nano-scale

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - J. Yang and J. Zhang

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00585 "Surfadditive" Approach for Surface Modification of Plastic Parts in Molding/Casting and a "Cutting-edge" Technology for Preparation of Nanowaves and Nanowires Gu H., *$Zhu S.
10:10 00586 Characterization of Covalent Immoblization of Proteins onto Surfaces via Sortase-mediated Ligation Latulippe D.R., Craighead H.G.
10:30 00587 Adhesion and Failure Mechanisms of Nanoscale Thin Adhesive Films *$Zhao B.
10:50 00588 A Completely New Application for Nanoparticles - Nanoparticle Flotation Collectors Yang S., *Pelton R.
11:10 00589 Effect of Temperature Gradient and Surface Potential on Morphology Evolution in Symmetric Polymer Blends *$Tabatabaieyazdi M., Chan P.K., Wu J.
11:30 00590 Dielectrophoretic Assembly of Two- and Three-Dimensional Colloidal Structures Wood J.A., *Docoslis A.
11:50 00591 Metal-Doped Carbon Nano-Filaments (CNF) for Gaseous Desulphurization Fauteux-Lefebvre C., *Abatzoglou N.

Wednesday PM

NNO8Salon C (C)

Functional Nanocomposites/Nanocrystals

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - J. Herrera and Y. Li

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00678 Durability and Homogeneity of Surface Chemistry Modifications on the Nanoscale *$Gates B.D., Gong Y.Y., Pekcevik I., Mahmoudi M.S., Paul M., Ng H.W., Wang M.C.P.
14:50 00679 Application of Acoustic Techniques for the Production of Nanoscale Particles *$Faucher S., Toth A., Wu Y.
15:10 00680 Use of Co-Solvents to Tune Zeolite Morphology Gaona-Gomez A., *$Cheng C.-H.
15:30 00681 Converting Demetallization Products into Ultradispersed Nanocatalysts in Heavy Oil Abdrabo A.E., Husein M.M.
15:50 Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00682 Regio- and Stereo-selective Polymerization of Dienes by Rare-earth Metal Precursors *Cui D.
17:00 00683 Molecular Assembly/Crystal Engineering of Boronsubphthalocyanine for Organic Electronic Applications. *$Bender T.P., Virdo J., Brisson E., Paton A.
17:20 00684 Biocellulose Nanofibers Production from Agricultural Wastes Al-Abdallah W., *Dahman Y.
17:40 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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