61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Special Reaction Engineering Sessions (In Honour of Hugo de Lasa)

Monday AM

SRE1Windsor Club (H)

Novel Chemical and Catalytic Process Development 1

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - B. Serrano Rosales and T. El Solh and R. Quddus

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00085 Design of Novel DeNOx Catalysts for Mobile Sources: New Challenges and New Solutions Fuentes G.A.
10:10 00086 Effect of Intraparticle Diffusion Resistances on Coupling of Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene and Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene to Aniline $Abo-Ghander N.S., Logist F., *Grace J.R., Van Impe J.F.M., Elnashaie S.S.E.H., Lim C.J.
10:30 00087 n-Butane Partial Oxidation to Maleic Anhydride: A Global Transient Kinetic Model *$Shekari A., Patience G.S.
10:50 00088 Aerosol Reactor for Kinetic Study of Pyrolysis of Heavy Oils *Vafi K., McCaffrey W.C., $Gray M.R.
11:10 00089 A Nanoengineered VOx Catalyst Supported on Highly Ordered TiO2 Nanotube arrays. Synthesis, Characterization and Activity for Ethanol Partial Oxidation *$Herrera J.E., Isimjan T.T., Ray A.K., Rohani S.
11:30 00090 Ferrofluid Applications in Chemical Engineering Hajiani P., *Larachi F.
11:50 00091 Effect of the Crude Oil Composition on Low Severity Hydro-processing of Heavy Oils and Bitumen using Ultradispersed Catalysts *Peluso E., $Pereira-Almao P.
12:10 End of Session

Monday PM

SRE2Windsor Club (H)

Novel Chemical and Catalytic Process Development 2

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - L. Hagey, C. Galarraga and J. Atis

14:10 00307 Degradation of Solid Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR) via Cross-Metathesis with 1-Hexene *$Rempel G., Pan Q., Wu J., Liu Y.
14:30 00308 High Gravity Reactor Fundamentals for Liquid-liquid Reactions *$Atias J., Dixit R., West D.
14:50 00309 Hydrocracking of Athabasca Bitumen Using Ultradispersed Ni-W-Mo Catalysts at Conditions Near to In-Reservoir Operation: Effect of Porous Medium *Galarraga C.E., Carbognani L., $Pereira-Almao P.
15:10 00310 Experimental Validation of Catalyst Activity Decay during Catalytic Cracking of Hydrocarbons Jiménez-García G., de Lasa H., Quintana-Solórzano R., *$Maya-Yescas R.
15:30 00311 CREC-GS-Optiprobe for Measurement of Clusters in a Downer Reactor Islam M.A., Krol S., *$de Lasa H.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00312 Catalytic Conversion of Glycerol into 1,2-Propanediol Using Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 Catalyst Liu Y., Nagaraju P., Kamalakar G., Rempel G.L., *Ng F.T.T.
16:40 00313 Continuous Hydrogenation of Nitrile Rubber at Elevated Solute Concentration in a Multistage Agitated Contactor (MAC) and a Static Mixer Reactor (SMR) Akpan E.R., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
17:00 End of Session

SRE-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00314 Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer Study in Flat- and Corrugated- Wall Bubbling Fluidized Bed Reactors: Experiments and CFD simulations $Wardag A.N.K., *Larachi F.
17:40 00315 Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production Using Photocatalysis and near-UV Radiation Escobedo S., Serrano Rosales B., *$de Lasa H.
17:40 00517 Hydrocarbon Desulfurization using ZSM-5 Zeolite Self Diffusivity of n-Dodecane and Benzothiophene using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Al-Bogami S.A., Ferreira M.L., de Lasa H.I.
17:40 00714 Microwave-Assisted Method for the Synthesis of Assimetrical Fluoroazobenzenes Fonseca C., Leyva E., Moctezuma E.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

SRE3Windsor Club (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - R. Maya Yescas and S. Al Kattaf and X. Bi

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00402 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion *$Kaliaguine S., Sarshar Z.
10:10 00403 Chemical-Looping Combustion with Liquid Fuels-Thermodynamic Analysis *Hossein M., Quddus M., Razzak S., $de Lasa H.
10:30 00404 Carbonation of Chrysotile Mining Residues for Atmospheric CO2 Capture $Assima G.P., *Larachi F., Beaudoin G., Molson J.
10:50 00405 CO2 Capture Kinetics of Alkanolamine/Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid Emulsion System $Hasib-ur-Rahman M., Siaj M., *Larachi F.
11:10 00406 CO2 Capture in a Twin Fluidized Bed Configuration. A Thermodynamic Study Choudhury M., *$de Lasa H.
11:30 00407 Ni-Co/La-Al2O3 Oxygen Carrier for Fluidized Bed Chemical-Looping Combustion Quddus M.R., Hossein M., *$de Lasa H.
11:50 00408 Intrinsic Kinetic Analysis of CaO- CO2 Reaction Using Grain Model Sedghkerdar M.H., *$Mahinpey N., Ellis N.
12:10 End of Session

Tuesday PM

SRE4Windsor Club (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - K. Jarosch and E. Moctezuma

14:10 00514 Catalytic Conversion of Naphthenes: Activity and Selectivity of USY Zeolites *$Al-Sabawi M., de Lasa H.
14:30 00515 Kinetic and Catalytic Performance of a Composite Bi-porous Material in Catalytic Cracking and Isomerization Reactions Balasamy R.J., Odedairo T., *$Al-Khattaf S.
14:50 00516 Steam Gasification of a Cellulose Surrogate over a Fluidizable Ni/a-Alumina Catalyst: A Kinetics Model *Salaices E., deLasa H., Serrano B.
15:10 00519 Kinetic Modeling of Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by Propylene over Fe/ZSM-5 *$Cheng X., Bi X.
15:30 00518 Recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) through Thermal Degradation Elordi G., Olazar M., Arandes J., *$de Lasa H.
15:50 End of Session

SRE5Suite 300 (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 3

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - K. Jarosch and E. Moctezuma

16:40 00520 Synthesis and Characterization of FeTiO3/TiO2 Photocatalysts *Moctezuma E., Torres-Martinez L., $Zarazua E., Zermeno B., Leyva E.
17:00 00521 Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol with Fe3+, Fe2+ And Cu2+ Ions in the Photo Crec Water II Reactor *$Serrano Rosales B., Morales Arellano P., Rojas Torres M.G., Hernandez Mazatan M.A., Vazquez Minjares J.L., Moreira del Rio J., de Lasa H.
17:20 00522 Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds: The Metoprolol Case Moctezuma E., López-Barragán M., Pinedo-Escobar A., Leyva E., Serrano-Rosales B.
17:40 00523 Kinetic Modeling and Parameter Estimation for the Photocatalytic Oxidation of Phenol in Water *Moreira J., Serrano-Rosales B., $de Lasa H.
18:00 00524 Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Air. Energy Efficiency Factors in a Photo-CREC Unit Garcia Hernandez J., Serrano Rosales B., *$de Lasa H.
18:20 End of Session

Wednesday AM

SRE6Windsor Club (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 4

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - M. Al-Sabawi, A. Islam and E. Saliaces

09:30 00603 Visualization of Flow Patterns in Micro-packed Bed Reactors $Faridkhou A., Hamidipour M., *Larachi F.
09:50 00604 Simulation of a Steam Coal Gasifier $Abbasi A., Ege P.E., *de Lasa H.I.
10:10 00605 Extraction of Biocrude from Microalgae via Catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction in Subcritical Water and Characterizations of the Biocrude $Cheng S., Lan C.Q., *Xu C.
10:30 00606 Detail Heat, Mass and Transport Study in Catalytic Plate Fuel Reformer using Microkinetics $Mundhwa M.A., Parmar R.D., Peppley B.A., *Thurgood C.
10:50 00607 Selectivity Engineering of Solid Base Catalysed Selective O-Methylation of 2-Naphthol with Dimethyl Carbonate *Yadav G.D., Salunke J.Y.
11:10 00608 Catalytic Steam Gasification of Cellulose and Lignin Surrogates using Fluidizable Ni/La2O3-cAl2O3 Catalyst Mazumder J., Carrillo D., Lucky R., *DeLasa H.I.
11:30 00609 Evaluation of Using Slurry of Coal in Bio-Liquid Fuels to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pisters K., *Prakash A.
11:50 00610 Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics of Diesel Surrogate Reforming *Parmar R.D., Shekhawat D., Peppley B.A., Karan K.
12:10 00611 Near Isothermal Pyrolysis of n-Hexadecane in a Continuous Flow Reactor by Micro-mixing *Vafi K., Pfeifer P., McCaffrey W.C., $Gray M.R.

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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