61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference


Monday PM

FN-PBallrms 1 & 8 (C)

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng

From 17:40 until 19:30

17:40 00212 Measurement and Correlation of VLE Data for a-Pinene + p-Cymene + (S)-(-)-Limonene Ternary System at Atmospheric Pressure *Tong Z.F., Sun L.X., Liao D.K., Yang Z.Y., Chen X.P.
17:40 00213 Effect of Nano NaX Zeolite on PES Membrane Using for Ethanol/Water Pervaporation Performance $Rabiee F., *Aroujalian A., Raisi A., Fathizadeh M.
17:40 00214 Optimization of High Voltage Pulsed Electric Field on Extraction of the Total Saponins of Gymnema sylvestre by Response Surface Methodology Sun J.H., Liao D.K., Wei Z.Z., Chen X.G., *Tong Z.F.
17:40 00215 Recovery of Precious Metals through Biosorption Yao S., Hossain M.R., Alam S., *Zhang Y.
17:40 00216 Fabrication of Silver/Polyethersulfone Nanocomposite Membrane with Antibacterial Activity $Toroghi M., *Aroujalian A., Raisi A., Fathizadeh M.
17:40 00217 Mixing of Yield-Pseudoplastic Fluids with an Anchor-Scaba Co-Axial Mixer $Pakzad L., *Ein-Mozaffari F., Upreti S.R., Lohi A.
17:40 00218 Solubility and Ksp of Mg(OH)2 and Mg4Al2(OH)143H2O at the Various Ionic Strengths Li Z., Gao W., *Li Z.
17:40 00219 Use of Rotating Toroid for Friction Loss Prediction of Settling Slurries *Hegde R.
17:40 00220 Effect of Initial Conditions of Porous Support Layer on Polyamide Preference and Surface Properties Fathizadeh M., Aroujalian A., Raisi A.
End of Session

Tuesday AM

FN1Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)


Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - K. Mequanint; W. Smith

09:30 00359 Effect of Temperature Gradient and Long-range Surface Interactions on Morphology Evolution in Polymer Blends *$Tabatabaieyazdi M., Chan P.K., Wu J.
09:50 00360 Prediction of Multicomponent Diffusion Coefficients in Blended Amine Solutions using the PC-SAFT Equation of State *$Pan S., Li H., Zhu J., Zhang D.
10:10 00361 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Carbon Dioxide-Containing Binary Mixtures near Their Critical Regions Afrianto A., $Lee M.-J., Lin H.-M., *Peng D.-Y.
10:30 00362 Predicting Microemulsion Thermodynamics using UNIFAC and Curvature Models Boza A., *$Acosta E. WITHDRAWN
10:50 00363 Molecular Level Modeling of Electrolyte Solubility and Applications to Alkali Halides and Their Mixtures in Water and in Hydrochloric Acid *Smith W.R., Moucka F.
11:10 00364 The Recycle of Volatile Anaesthetic Agents Williston M.M., *Thurgood C.
11:30 00365 Personal-portable Cooling Garment Based on Absorption Vacuum Membrane Evaporative Cooling Yang Y., Diagne B.T., *$Lan C.Q.
11:50 00366 PVT Data Prediction for CO2BrineCH4 in CO2 Sequestration *Zendehboudi S., Elkamel A., Shafiei A., Chatzis I., Leonenko Y.
12:10 End of Session

Tuesday PM

FN2Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Transport Processes

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - R. Khayat

14:10 00463 Transport Phenomena in Two-phase Liquid-Liquid Microreactors: Simplified Designs of Micromixers Plouffe P., Anthony R., Beaulieu P., Roberge D., *Macchi A.
14:30 00464 Gas Adsorption Equilibrium and Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Cellulose Fiber Based Materials Bedane A.H., Huang Q., Eic' M.
14:50 00465 Development of a New Optimized Correlation for Diffusion Coefficient in Gaseous Hydrocarbons *Jamshidnejad M., $Sarafraz M., Hasanzade Y.
15:10 00466 Computer Fluid Dynamics of Pool Fire *$Zarate L.G., Cordero M.E., Lara H.E., Cabrera M., Kozanoglu B.U.
15:30 End of Session

FN3Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Heat and Mass Transfer

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - R. Khayat

16:20 00467 Natural Convection of a Non-Fourier Fluid Flow in a Vertical Slot and Application to Nanofluids Niknami M., Khayat R.E.
16:40 00468 Retrofitting Heat Exchanger Networks Using A Modified Network Pinch Approach *$Bakhtiari B., Bedard S.
17:00 00469 Characterization and Optimization of the Continuous-flow Mixing of Pseudoplastic Fluids Possessing Yield Stress in Stirred Reactors *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
17:20 End of Session

Wednesday AM

FN4Gr. Ballrm Cntr (H)

Fluid Flow

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - D.Y. Peng

09:30 00568 Synergistic Effects of Surfactant and Polymer types of Additives on Drag Reduction Mohsenipour A.A., *Pal R.
09:50 00569 Sensitivity Analysis of Closure Models in Turbulent Bubbly Flows *$Mohajerani M., Mehrvar M., Ein-Mozaffari F.
10:10 00570 Analytical Bottom Stress Determination in Shallow Mine Tailings Pond Faisal Md.M., Khayat R.E., Yanful E.K.
10:30 00571 Dynamic Performance of Continuous-Flow Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Stirred Reactors Using Close-Clearance Impellers *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
10:50 00572 Strategy for the Generation of a Non-equilibrium NT(P1 P2) Ensemble in Molecular Dynamics Simulation $Huang C., *Choi P., Kostiuk L.W.
11:10 00573 Applying Tomography and CFD to Evaluate the Mixing of Non-Newtonian Fluids with a Scaba 6SRGT Impeller $Pakzad L., *Ein-Mozaffari F., Upreti S.R., Lohi A.
11:30 00574 Investigation of the Effect of the Central Impeller Type on the Mixing Performance of the Co-Axial Mixers through Tomography and CFD $Pakzad L., *Ein-Mozaffari F., Upreti S.R., Lohi A.
11:50 End of Session

FN5Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Gas Separation

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - D.Y. Peng

09:30 00575 Separation of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen by Vacuum Swing Adsorption Huang Q., *Eic M.
09:50 00576 Effect of Nano NaX Zeolite on PES Membrane Using for Ethanol/Water Pervaporation Performance $Rabiee F., *Aroujalian A., Raisi A., Fathizadeh M.
10:10 00577 Determination of Multi-Component Diffusivities in Gas-Polymer Systems Sani A., Upreti S., Mozaffari F.
10:30 00578 MOFs as CO2 Adsorbents in Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes *Hamon L., Pirngruber G.D.
10:50 00579 Gas Separation Properties of High-Flux Asymmetric Hollow Fiber Membranes: Some Important Aspects *Kundu P., Chakma A., Feng X.
11:10 End of Session

Wednesday PM

FN6Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Separation Processes

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - D.Y. Peng

14:10 00665 Recovery of Cupric Chloride from Electrolysis Effluent by Cooling and Antisolvent Crystallization Daggupati V.N., $Naterer G.F., Gabriel K.S., Wang Z.L.
14:30 00666 Separation of Solids in a Hydrocyclone with Spiral Internals Kumar V., Chakraborty S., *$Meikap B.C.
14:50 00667 Floc Properties of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Induced by Cationic Starch and Its Effect on the Retention and Dewaterability of Pulp Suspension Sang Y., *$Englezos P.
15:10 00668 Optimization of Process Variables for a Lab Scale Copper Cementation Reaction using Design of Experiments Nazim M., *Pal P., $Elkamel A., AlShoaibi A.S., Dutta B.K.
15:30 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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