61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Industrial Symposia

Tuesday AM

IND1Theatre (C)

Chemical Industry: Trend, Need, Lead

Organizer(s) - Bill Cairns; Jennifer Lee

08:00 Plenary Lecture: Sandy Marshall, LANXESS Inc. in Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

09:00 Coffee Break
Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering (for an Organization) Award Lecture:

09:30 00398 The Challenges and Achievements of Following the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry van Leeuwen J.
10:10 00399 Sustainable Energy, Fuels and Chemicals: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation Chornet E.
10:50 00400 Cradle to Cradle (R) Care of Chemicals - Repositioning the Chemical Industry for Sustainability and Innovation McGregor E.
11:30 00401 Understanding Sustainability - Can Chemical Engineers Take a Lead Role in Sustainable Innovation? Lewis D.
12:10 End of Session

Tuesday PM

IND2Theatre (C)

Innovation: Impact Through Technology Transfer

Organizer(s) - Bill Cairns; Jennifer Lee

13:10 Plenary Lecture: Rakesh Agrawal, Purdue University in Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering (for an Individual) Award Lecture:

14:10 00507 Turning Waste Into Black Gold Berruti F.
14:50 00508 Global Needs and Opportunities for Innovation in Wastewater Technologies and Services Devries M.
15:30 00509 GreenCentre Canada - Bridging the Commercialization Gap *McLachlan J.A.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00510 Innovation in Water/Wastewater Treatment - Facing the Challenges of Starting Up a New Technology Hughes A.
16:40 00511 Innovation in Industrial Processing Technology - The University Spinoff Company Route to Commercial Markets Haas C.
17:00 00512 Innovation in Water/Wastewater Treatment Over 3 Decades - Have the Problems Changed? Vander Laan H.
17:20 00513 Additional Electricity Needs from Ontario Power Plants for Charging Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles *Ahmadi L., Croiset E., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Entchev E.
17:40 Roundtable Discussion

18:00 End of Session

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Bold text denotes the presenting author.   If present, * denotes the corresponding author and $ denotes the principal investigator.

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