61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Tuesday AM

PL3Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

Plenary Lecture-3

Chair(s) - Jennifer Lee, NOVA Chemicals

Introduction of Speaker - Don Hewson, UWO Sarnia Research Park

08:00 00316 The Chemistry Industry in Canada - A Challenging Past with Opportunities for the Future Marshall A.J.
09:00 End of Session

BIO6Ballroom 3 (C)

Biofuels - Ethanol and Beyond 1

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

09:30 00317 Optimization of Ethanol Production Via Direct Cellulose Fermentation Islam R., Sparling R., Cicek N., *$Levin D.B.
09:50 00318 Enzymes and Wood: Fundamentals of Penetration and Chemical Degradation $Jeremic D., *Master E.
10:10 00319 Laccase Production of White Rot Fungi Under Different Conditions of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources in Copper-contained Media Kannaiyan R., *$Mahinpey N., Mani T., Martinuzzi R., Kostenko V.
10:30 00320 Economic Evaluation of the Re-adsorption of Hydrolytic Enzymes Onto Fresh Substrate After Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pre-treated Wheat Straw Rosales O., $Duff S., *Posarac D.
10:50 00321 Process Control System Integration and Instrumentation Improvement for Biomass Processing Ebert C., He B., *Zheng J., $Choo K., Rehmann L.
11:10 00322 Characterization of the Interactions of Cellulose, Hemicellulose, and Lignin During Pretreatment Through the Use of Flowthrough Pretreatment McKenzie H.L., Engle N., Foston M.B., Ragauskas A.J., Tschaplinski T.J., *$Wyman C.E.
11:30 00323 High-throughput Screening for the Quantification and Mitigation of Inhibitory Effects of Biomass Hydrolysate on Ethanol Production Nagendra V., *Rehmann L.
11:50 00324 Ethanol Dehydration using Canola Meal in a Pressure Swing Adsorption Process *Tajallipour M., Kumar P., $Niu C., Dalai A.
12:10 End of Session

BIO7Ballroom 2 (C)

Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery 1 (sponsored by 20/20: NSERC’s Ophthalmic Materials Network)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - F. Gu

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00325 20/20 NSERC Ophthalmic Materials Network: Progress in Vision Health Sheardown H.D.
10:10 00326 Novel Stimulus-Triggered Biodegradable Polymers and Their Applications Wong A.D., DeWit M.A., Chen E.K.Y., *$Gillies E.R.
10:30 00327 Controlling Drug Release Kinetics from Soft Nanocomposite Hydrogels: Effect of Crosslinking Sivakumaran D., *Hoare T., Maitland D., Oszustowicz T.
10:50 00328 Investigating the Controlled Delivery of Roscovitine and Atropine to Improve Vision in Children Lasowski F., Rahmani V., $Sheardown H.
11:10 00329 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Microspheres for Biomedical and Nutraceutical Release Salarian M., *Charpentier P., Samimi R., Akhter K., Rezvani S., Lui E.
11:30 00330 Injectable Modular Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Patenaude M.J., $Hoare T.R.
11:50 00331 Microbial Production of Biopolymers with Tailor-made Molecular Properties: A Multi-scale Modeling Approach and Experimental Validation *$Kiparissides C., Penloglou G., Chatzidoukas C.
12:10 End of Session

CAT3Qu. Victoria (H)

Nanocatalysis & Novel Catalytic Materials 2

Organizer(s) - Ajay Dalai; G.D. Yadav; Anand Prakash
Chair(s) - A. Dalai and S. Kaliaguine

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00332 Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Comparing Iron and Cobalt Catalysts Davis B.H.
10:10 00333 Hydrotreatment of Coker Light Gas Oil Using SBA-15 Supported Nickel Phosphide Catalysts $Soni K., Boahene P., *Dalai A.
10:30 00334 Rational Design of Core-Shell Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalysts *$Scott R.W.J., Balcha T., Calver C.F., Dash P., Strobl J.R.
10:50 00335 Selective Synthesis of Natural Benzaldehyde by Hydrolysis of Cinnamaldehyde Using a Novel Hydrotalcite Catalyst *Yadav G.D., Fernandes G.P.
11:10 00336 Preparation and Performance Evaluation of Ni/Al2O3 Ultradispersed Nanocatalyst in Heavy Oil Alkhaldi S.J., Husein M.M.
11:30 00337 Catalytic Incineration of Claus Tail Gas: Using Nanofibrous Au/La2O3/TiO2 Catalysts Clark P., Sui R., Dowling N., Huang M.
11:50 End of Session

ENR7Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells - Catalysts and Electrodes

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - B. Peppley

09:30 00338 Effects of Porous Structure and Surface Chemistry of Carbon Electrode Material on the Performance of Supercapacitors Caguiat J., Jia C., Kirk D.
09:50 00339 Carbon Nanotube Core and Metal Free CNx Shell Nanostructures as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts Higgins D.C., *Chen Z.
10:10 00340 Atomic Layer Deposition of Pt Nanocatalyst on Graphene and N-doped Graphene for PEM Fuel Cell Applications Sun S., Gauquelin N., Zhang G., Meng X., Geng D., Li R., Ye S., Knights S., Botton G., Sun X.
10:30 00341 Non-Precious Metal Catalyst Showing High Activity and Stability towards Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Zinc Air Fuel Cell Application Chen Z., Choi J.-Y., Wang H., Li H., *$Chen Z.
10:50 00342 Highly Active Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotube as Air Cathode Catalyst for Zinc Air Fuel Cell Chen Z., Zhu S., Wang H., Li H., *$Chen Z.
11:10 00343 Pyrolyzed Non-precious Electrocatalyst Using Fe-N Coordinated Nitrogen-rich Precursor in Acid Wu J, Li W, *Chen Z
11:30 00344 High Power Supercapacitor Electrodes from Graphene $Davies A., *Yu A.
11:50 00345 Biologically Inspired, Highly Durable Fe-SPc Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in PEM Fuel Cells Wu J., $Li W., *Chen Z.
12:10 End of Session

ENR8Ballroom 4 (C)

Pyrolysis and Bio-oil

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - J. Chaouki

09:30 00346 Development of a Novel Experimental Method for Measuring the Thermal Stability of Pyrolysis Oils *Briens C., Siriwardhana M., Mohammad J., Berruti F.
09:50 00347 Simultaneous Copyrolysis of Heavy Oil and Sawdust Bio-oil in a Continuous Mechanically Fluidized Bed *Berruti F., Lance R., Xu R., Ferrante L., Briens C., Hagey L.
10:10 00348 Biomass Conversion through Hydrous Pyrolysis Lee H., Dharma D., Hsie B., Tang G., Chakrabarti D.
10:30 00349 Lignin Pyrolysis in a Fluidized Bed Reactor with Fractional Condensation *Briens C., Lago V., Palmisano P., Berruti F.
10:50 00350 Study of Bio-oil from Liquefaction of Pinewood Sawdust Wang Y., *Zheng Y., $Lin H.F., Wang H.
11:10 00351 Fractional Condensation of Bio-Oil *$Briens C., Tumbalam Gooty A., Mohammad J., Berruti F.
11:30 End of Session

ENV6Salon D (C)

Advanced Oxidation Processes

Organizer(s) - Daniela Loock; Mita Ray
Chair(s) - W. Anderson

09:30 00352 Sulfadiazine Mineralization Using Batch and Continuous Sonophotolytic Process *$Mohajerani M., Mehrvar M., Ein-Mozaffari F.
09:50 00353 Photodegradation of Poly (Ethylene Oxide) by UV/H2O2 Process: Experimental Analysis and Kinetic Modeling Approach *$Ghafoori S., Mehrvar M., Chan P.
10:10 00354 Catalytic Ozonation of Toluene Using Mn/c-Al2O3 and Mn/MCM-41 *Rezaei E., $Soltan J.
10:30 00355 Modeling and Validation of a Rotating Corrugated Drum Reactor Utilizing Novel Photocatalyst for Wastewater Treatment *Donaldson A.A., Gamage J., Ye A., $Zhang Z.
10:50 00356 Computational Fluid Dynamics of Multilamp Photoreactors *$Mohajerani M., Mehrvar M., Ein-Mozaffari F.
11:10 00357 TOC Removal of Pharmaceutical Wastewater using Combined Granular Activated Carbon and UV/H2O2 Processes *Ghafoori S., Mehrvar M., Chan P., $Shah K.
11:30 00358 Applicability of the Fe-assisted Photocatalytic Reactions to Dissimilar Compounds: Positive Effect of Fe Ions on Mineralization Rates of Maleic acid, Oxalic Acid, Formic Acid, Paraquat, Phenol and 4-Chlorophenol. *Ortiz-Gomez A., Moreira del Rio J., Serrano Rosales B., $de Lasa H.
11:50 End of Session

FN1Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)


Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - K. Mequanint; W. Smith

09:30 00359 Effect of Temperature Gradient and Long-range Surface Interactions on Morphology Evolution in Polymer Blends *$Tabatabaieyazdi M., Chan P.K., Wu J.
09:50 00360 Prediction of Multicomponent Diffusion Coefficients in Blended Amine Solutions using the PC-SAFT Equation of State *$Pan S., Li H., Zhu J., Zhang D.
10:10 00361 Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Carbon Dioxide-Containing Binary Mixtures near Their Critical Regions Afrianto A., $Lee M.-J., Lin H.-M., *Peng D.-Y.
10:30 00362 Predicting Microemulsion Thermodynamics using UNIFAC and Curvature Models Boza A., *$Acosta E. WITHDRAWN
10:50 00363 Molecular Level Modeling of Electrolyte Solubility and Applications to Alkali Halides and Their Mixtures in Water and in Hydrochloric Acid *Smith W.R., Moucka F.
11:10 00364 The Recycle of Volatile Anaesthetic Agents Williston M.M., *Thurgood C.
11:30 00365 Personal-portable Cooling Garment Based on Absorption Vacuum Membrane Evaporative Cooling Yang Y., Diagne B.T., *$Lan C.Q.
11:50 00366 PVT Data Prediction for CO2BrineCH4 in CO2 Sequestration *Zendehboudi S., Elkamel A., Shafiei A., Chatzis I., Leonenko Y.
12:10 End of Session

MSE4Salon A (C)

Composite and Hybrid Materials 1

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - P. Charpentier

09:30 00367 Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Latex Hydrogenation of Poly(methyl methacrylate)-polystyrene-poly(acrylonitrile-co-butadiene) Tri-layer Core-shell Nanoparticles $Wang H., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
09:50 00368 Requirements for the Successful In Situ Production of Polyethylene-Clay Nanocomposites Maneshi A., *Soares J.B.P.
10:10 00369 Effect of Surface Functionalization of Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes on the Properties of Ethylene-Octene Copolymer Nanocomposites *Osazuwa O., Kontopoulou M., $Docoslis A., Zhibin Y.
10:30 00370 Linear Amphiphilic Copolymers Comprising a Synthetic Block and a Renewable (Polysaccharide) Block via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Krasznai D., Champagne P., Cunningham M.
10:50 00371 Graft Copolymers of Cellulose Prepared Using SET-LRP in Ionic Liquid Donaldson J., Champagne P., Cunningham M.
11:10 00372 Using RAFT Living Polymeriztation for Modifying Graphene Sheets for Next Generation Solar Thermal Cells Gu R., $Charpentier P.
11:30 00373 Ultra-Strong Polycarbonate Nanocomposites by Incorporating Very High Loading of Graphene Nanoplatelets $Davies A., *Yu A.
11:50 End of Session

NNO4Salon C (C)

Functional Nanocomposites 2

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - Y. Li

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00374 Novel Electrically Conductive Polymeric Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications *$Sundararaj U., Arjmand M., Gelves G.A.
10:10 00375 Effect of In Situ Interfacial Reaction on Microstructure and Properties of Polypropylene Nanocomposites Wan D., Wang Y., Wen X., Tang T.
10:30 00376 Processing of Carbon Nanofibre and Molecular Glass Nanocomposites for Chemical Sensor Applications *Amir T., $Pagé D.J.Y.S., Lebel O.
10:50 00377 Surfactant Assisted Incorporation of Debundled Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes into a Biocompatible Polymer $Davis T.J., Zhang J., *Herrera J.E.
11:10 00378 Biocellulose Nanofibers Modified with pHEMA using ATRP Nakhoda H., $Dahman Y.
11:30 00379 Field-switching Dynamics of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Functional Materials Abukhdeir N.M.
11:50 End of Session

PTF5Salon E (C)

New Products and Green Technologies from Fluidized Bed Reactors

Organizer(s) - Ying Zheng; Jahirul Mazumder
Chair(s) - M. Al-Sabawi and J. Wang

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00380 Advanced Fluidized Bed Reactors Reveal Cracking Chemistry *$Ng S.H., Shi Y., Al-Sabawi M., Chen S., Yui S.
10:10 00381 Catalytic Cracking of Oil Sands Heavy Gas Oil and Its Blend with Canola Oil *Al-Sabawi M., $Ng S.H., Shi Y., Chen S.
10:30 00382 Greener Power Generation Using Fluidized Bed Technologies *Wang J., Anthony E.J.
10:50 00383 Ash Deposition in Co-Firing Three-fuel Blends Consisting of Woody Biomass, Peat and Lignite in a Pilot-Scale Fluidized-bed Reactor Shao Y., *Xu C., Zhu J., Preto F., Wang J., Li H., Badour C.
11:10 00384 Light Olefins from Fluid Catalytic Cracking of Bitumen Derived Heavy Gas Oils Wang J., Ng S.
11:30 00385 Artificial Neural Network Methodology for Modeling of a Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser *$Razzak S.A., Rahaman S.M., Hossain M.M., Zhu J.
11:50 00386 DNS of Impact and Erosion on an Aligned Tube Bank by Coal Ash Particles in a Duct Luo K., *$Fan J.R., Wang Z.L.

PSM3Gr. Ballrm Est (H)

Risk Control 1

Organizer(s) - Rob Cairns
Chair(s) - G. Phillips

09:30 00387 Optimizing Chlorine Compression Design for Vapour Phase Nitrogen Trichloride Destruction Norval G.W., Maka K.
10:00 00388 Implementing Risk Based Process Safety in an Upstream Oil/Gas Company Guss D.
10:30 00389 Sunrise Propane Incident Investigation Kassabian A.
11:30 00390 Implementation of Propane Risk & Safety Management Plans Observations of a Veteran Risk Analyst Oliverio M.
12:00 End of Session

SNC2Salon B (C)

Fundamentals of Process Control and System Identification

Organizer(s) - Sohrab Rohani; Hector Budman
Chair(s) - C. Duchesne and S. Dubljevic

D.G. Fisher Award Lecture:

09:30 00391 A Practical Approach to Plant-Wide Control of a Hybrid System: Application to a Portable SAGD Plant *$Shook D.S.
10:10 00392 Active Fault Isolation of Nonlinear Process Systems Du M., *Mhaskar P.
10:30 00393 Design of Robust Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller based on Polynomial Chaos Expansion Kumar D., *Budman H.
10:50 00394 Model-based Fault Detection for Two Dimensional Systems using Polynomial Matrix Transformation Wang Z., *$Shang H.
11:10 00395 Assessing Plant-Model Mismatch Using Signal Entropy *Shardt Y.A.W., Huang B.
11:30 00396 Adaptive Data-Based Model Predictive Control of Batch Systems Aumi S., *Mhaskar P.
11:50 00397 Considerations for the Tuning of Extremum Seeking Control Loops and Application to a Bioreactor Culture of Microalgae *Deschenes J.S., St-Onge P., Tremblay R.
12:10 End of Session

IND1Theatre (C)

Chemical Industry: Trend, Need, Lead

Organizer(s) - Bill Cairns; Jennifer Lee

08:00 Plenary Lecture: Sandy Marshall, LANXESS Inc. in Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

09:00 Coffee Break
Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering (for an Organization) Award Lecture:

09:30 00398 The Challenges and Achievements of Following the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry van Leeuwen J.
10:10 00399 Sustainable Energy, Fuels and Chemicals: Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation Chornet E.
10:50 00400 Cradle to Cradle (R) Care of Chemicals - Repositioning the Chemical Industry for Sustainability and Innovation McGregor E.
11:30 00401 Understanding Sustainability - Can Chemical Engineers Take a Lead Role in Sustainable Innovation? Lewis D.
12:10 End of Session

SRE3Windsor Club (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - R. Maya Yescas and S. Al Kattaf and X. Bi

Keynote Lecture:

09:30 00402 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion *$Kaliaguine S., Sarshar Z.
10:10 00403 Chemical-Looping Combustion with Liquid Fuels-Thermodynamic Analysis *Hossein M., Quddus M., Razzak S., $de Lasa H.
10:30 00404 Carbonation of Chrysotile Mining Residues for Atmospheric CO2 Capture $Assima G.P., *Larachi F., Beaudoin G., Molson J.
10:50 00405 CO2 Capture Kinetics of Alkanolamine/Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid Emulsion System $Hasib-ur-Rahman M., Siaj M., *Larachi F.
11:10 00406 CO2 Capture in a Twin Fluidized Bed Configuration. A Thermodynamic Study Choudhury M., *$de Lasa H.
11:30 00407 Ni-Co/La-Al2O3 Oxygen Carrier for Fluidized Bed Chemical-Looping Combustion Quddus M.R., Hossein M., *$de Lasa H.
11:50 00408 Intrinsic Kinetic Analysis of CaO- CO2 Reaction Using Grain Model Sedghkerdar M.H., *$Mahinpey N., Ellis N.
12:10 End of Session

CSCT1Gr. Ballrm Cntr (H)

Eastern Student Symposium

Organizer(s) - Mehdi Sheikhzadehm

09:00 Registration

10:00 Career Speakers:

Cathy Cardy, Imperial Oil Limited

Roland Andersson, Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC)

10:40 "Sustainability and the Role of Chemical Technologists" Maike Luiken, Lambton College

11:30 End of Session

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