61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Tuesday PM

PL4Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

Plenary Lecture-4

Chair(s) - Bill Cairns, Trojan Technology

Introduction of Speaker - Ajay Ray, The University of Western Ontario

13:10 00409 Chemical Engineering Innovation Needs for a Future Solar Economy Agrawal R.
14:10 End of Session

BIO8Ballroom 3 (C)

Biofuels - Ethanol and Beyond 2

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

14:10 00410 Alga-based Biofuel Production Under Canadian Conditions: Promises and Challenges *$Lan C.Q.
14:30 00411 Reiche A.E., *$Kirkwood K.M.
14:50 00412 Clostridial Co-culture for Cellulosic Biobutanol Production Salimi F., *$Mahadevan R.
15:10 00413 Enrichment of Exoelectrogenic Bacteria Communities for Ethanol Microbial Fuel Cells Chao R., *$Mohseni M.
15:30 00414 Pyrolytic Sugars Fermentation in Bio-oil Upgrading Luque L., *Berruti F., $Rehmann L.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00415 GreenField's G2 Cellulosic Ethanol Initiative - From Pre-Commercial to Commercial Scale Wortzman B.
16:40 00416 Impact of Sludge Acclimatization on Biological Hydrogen Production from Thin Stillage Nasr N., Elbeshbishy E., *Hafez H., $Nakhla G., El Naggar M. H.
Keynote Lecture:

17:00 00417 Corn Bio-Refinery Pathway to Sustainability Schwartz M.
17:40 Panel Discussion - R. Benech, M. Schwartz, A. Ligori and L. Rehmann

18:00 End of Session

BIO9Ballroom 2 (C)

Ophthalmic Materials and Drug Delivery 2 (sponsored by 20/20: NSERC's Ophthalmic Materials Network)

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - F. Gu

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00418 Injectable Hydrogel for Cell Transplantation Shoichet M., Ballios B., van der Kooy D.
14:50 00419 Stimuli-responsive Hydrogels from Polyglycerol *$Dubé M.A., Salehpour S.
15:10 00420 Novel PH Sensitive Star Polymers with Hyperbranched Polyethylene Core Synthesized via the Combination of CWP and RAFT Polymerization Dong Z., *Ye Z.
15:30 00421 Silicone Polymers at Biological Interfaces *$Sheardown H.D., Brook M.A., Liu L., Klenkler B.J., Weeks A.K., Submarran L.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00422 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of a Nanogel as a New Gd3+ Contrast Agent Scaffold for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Soleimani R., *Martínez F.M., Bonduelle C.V., Scholl T.J., $Gillies E.R.
16:40 End of Session

BIO10Ballroom 2 (C)

Bioreactor Design and Control

Organizer(s) - Marc Aucoin; Lars Rehmann
Chair(s) - A. Margaritis

16:40 00423 Mathematical Model of Growth and Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Production of the Anaerobic Clostridium acetobutylicum $Kilonzo P.M., *Margaritis A., Bergougnou M.A.
17:00 00424 Bubble-free Oxygen Mass Transfer in Bioreactors by Using Microporous Membranes *$Balgobin R., Karamanev D., Bassi A.
17:20 00425 Hydrophobic VOC Absorption in Water/Silicone Oil Mixtures: Application of the "Equivalent Absorption Capacity" Concept for Gas-Liquid-Liquid Contactor Design *Dumont E., Darracq G., Couvert A., Amrane A., Couriol C., Andrès Y., Thomas D., Le Cloirec P., Hamon L.
17:40 00426 Modeling Biomass Growth and Nitrogen Utilization During Toluene Biofiltration *Haque F., De Visscher A., Sen A.
18:00 00427 Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Beds Ion Exchange System for Continuous Protein Recovery Dadashi A., Zhu J., Zhang C.
18:20 End of Session

CAT4Qu. Victoria (H)

Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Engineering 1

Organizer(s) - Ajay Dalai; G.D. Yadav; Anand Prakash
Chair(s) - H. Wang and Ying Z.; F. Ng and K.C. Mouli

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00428 A Greener Process for Upgrading Oilsands Bitumen *Ng F.T.T., Jia L., Moll J.K., Liu K.
14:50 00429 Methane Catalytic Cracking in a Fluidized Bed *Amin A., Croiset E., Epling W.
15:10 00430 Azo-dye Orange II Degradation By Heterogeneous Fenton-like Reaction Using Zeolite Y-Fe Catalysts Rache Rodríguez M.L., *$Ramírez Franco J.H.
15:30 00431 Development of a Green Separation Technique for the Recovery of Rhodium Based Catalysts from Bulk Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) $Yang L., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00432 Thermodynamic Analysis of Selective Ring Opening of Naphthenes Kotikalapudi C.M., Govindhakannan J., *Dalai A.K.
16:40 00433 Screening Catalyst Metals for Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin Model Compounds in Super-critical Isopropyl Alcohol $Tymchyshyn M.A., Yuan Z., Berruti F., *Xu C.
17:00 00434 Kinetic Analysis of the Exchange Process Between Sodium and Potassium Ions in Type A Zeolite *García Soto A.R., Rodríguez Niño G., Trujillo C.A.
17:20 00435 Catalytic Consequences of Chemisorbed Oxygen Atoms for Natural Gas Conversion on Group VIII Metal Clusters Chin Y.-H., Garcia-Dieguez M., Buda C., Neurock M., $Iglesia E.
17:40 End of Session

ENR9Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells - Membranes and Graphene

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - K. Karan

14:10 00436 Development of a Novel Swiss-Roll Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell: Application for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cells Aziznia A., $Oloman C.W., *Gyenge E.L.
14:30 00437 Anion Exchange Membrane for High Temperature Alkaline Fuel Cells $Zarrin H., *Chen Z., Fowler M.
14:50 00438 Functionalized Graphene Oxide as a New Highly Proton Conductive Composite Membrane for PEMFCs at High Temperature and Low Humidity $Zarrin H., Jun Y., Fowler M., *Chen Z.
15:10 00439 Synthesis and Application of Doped-graphene as Non-noble Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells Geng D., Sun S., Hu Y., Li R., *Sun X., Ye S., Knights S.
15:30 00440 Chemical Functionalization of Graphene for Lithium Ion Batteries Hu Y., Li R., $Sun A.
15:50 End of Session

ENR10Ballroom 5 (C)

Fuel Cells and their Fuel

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - K. Karan

16:20 00441 Modeling of Control Parameters of a Fuel Cell (Proton Exchange Membrane) Cooled By Air Vanopper B., Arranz L., Barambones O., Merino J.M., Camarero L.M., *$Villota N.
16:40 00442 AD-Derived Biogas Variability and Use in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in North America Lackey J., *Champagne P., Peppley B.A., Maier A.
17:00 00443 Thermodynamic Model Development of an Integrated AD-SOFC System for the Determination of Optimal Operating Conditions Wartman T., Thurgood C., *Champagne P., Peppley B., McAlary G.
17:20 00444 Study on Electrolysis of HI in the Bunsen Reaction Product Solution for H2 Production Zhao X., *$Wang H., Chuang K.T.
17:40 00445 Thermal Decomposition of Polydimethylsiloxanes on Activated Gamma Alumina Sonoc A.C., Thurgood C., Peppley B.
18:00 End of Session

ENR11Ballroom 4 (C)

Supercritical Processes and Hydrogen Production

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - C. Briens

14:10 00446 A Parametric Study on Gasification of Rice husk in Supercritical Water *Leon M., Mettanant V., Dutta A., $Basu P.
14:30 00447 Gasification of Biomass to H2 using Supercritical Water Ding N., Surisetty V., Azargohar R., *Dalai A., Kozinski J.
14:50 00448 Screening Catalyst Metals for Hydrodeoxygenation of Lignin Model Compounds in Super-critical Isopropyl Alcohol $Feng S., Yuan Z., Leitch M., *Xu C.
15:10 00449 Towards the Stoichiometric Conversion of Biodiesel Derived Crude Glycerol to Hydrogen: Response Surface Methodology Study of the Effect of Light Intensity and the Concentration of Crude Glycerol and Glutamate Ghosh D., Flore Sobro I., *$Hallenbeck P.C.
15:30 End of Session

ENR12Ballroom 4 (C)

Production and Use of Green Chemicals

Organizer(s) - Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Jamal Chaouki
Chair(s) - F. Berruti

16:20 00450 Production of Aromatic-based Chemicals and Intermediary for Jet Fuel Synthesis Via Successive Steam Explosion of Lignocellulosic Biomass and Depolymerization of Lignin Beauchet R., *Lavoie J.M.
16:40 00451 Use of Hydroisomerization to Reduce the Melting Point of Palmitic Acid Methyl Ester $Reaume S.J., *Ellis N.
17:00 00452 Making Fuel Pellets from Canola Meal and Raw Glycerol Clarke T., Azargohar R., *Dalai A.K., $Kozinski J.A.
17:20 00453 Kinetic Study of Ethanolysis of Canola Oil in a Batch Reactor and Development of a Novel Method to Reduce the Mass Transfer Effects Pal K.D., *Prakash A.
17:40 End of Session

ENV7Salon D (C)

Contaminated Sites

Organizer(s) - Daniela Loock; Mita Ray
Chair(s) - D. Loock

14:10 00454 Improving Risk Assessment Through the Incorporation of Bioaccessibility: A Science-based Framework for Arsenic $Reimer K.J., *Koch I., Meunier L.
14:30 00455 The North Rankin Nickel Mine Site : Remote Sensing Spectral Analysis of Surface Cover Material Lanthier Y., *Bandler P.
14:50 00456 Anaerobic Biphenyl Degradation by Poplar and Willow Rhizosphere Microorganisms Sun B., Ko K., Ramsay J.
15:10 00457 Phylogenetic and Functional Analysis on an Anaerobic Benzene-Degrading Community Ho H.C., Beiko R., *Devine C., $Mahadevan R.
15:30 00458 Adapting KB-1 a Dechlorinating Enrichment Culture to Dechlorinate Acidic Contaminated Sites Li Y.X., $Edwards E.A.
15:50 End of Session

ENV8Salon D (C)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technologies 1

Organizer(s) - Daniela Loock; Mita Ray
Chair(s) - M. Ray and G. Nakhla

16:20 00459 Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solution for Green Environment: Biosorption of Different Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions by "Gayralia oxysperma, Hypnea musciformis and Ulva prolifera" Gurbuz M.G., $Erol M., *Tezyetis S.
16:40 00460 Detection of Organic Matter and Silica Removal Efficiency in Evaporative and Acid Treatment Processes for Minimizing Disposal Water Volume During In-Situ Thermal Oil Recovery *Maiti A., $Bhattacharjee S.
17:00 00461 Kinetics and Adsorption of Cr Ions from Aqueous Solution by Zeolite NaX and Its Sorption Properties *Singh S., Sambi S.S., Sharma S.K.
17:20 00462 The Role of Members of a Biofilm Consortium in the Biodegradation of Naphthenic Acids in an Immobilized Soil Bioreactor Yue S., Tam C., Ramsay B., Ko K., *$Ramsay J.
17:40 End of Session

FN2Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Transport Processes

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - R. Khayat

14:10 00463 Transport Phenomena in Two-phase Liquid-Liquid Microreactors: Simplified Designs of Micromixers Plouffe P., Anthony R., Beaulieu P., Roberge D., *Macchi A.
14:30 00464 Gas Adsorption Equilibrium and Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Cellulose Fiber Based Materials Bedane A.H., Huang Q., Eic' M.
14:50 00465 Development of a New Optimized Correlation for Diffusion Coefficient in Gaseous Hydrocarbons *Jamshidnejad M., $Sarafraz M., Hasanzade Y.
15:10 00466 Computer Fluid Dynamics of Pool Fire *$Zarate L.G., Cordero M.E., Lara H.E., Cabrera M., Kozanoglu B.U.
15:30 End of Session

FN3Gr. Ballrm Wst (H)

Heat and Mass Transfer

Organizer(s) - Amarjeet Bassi; D.Y. Peng
Chair(s) - R. Khayat

16:20 00467 Natural Convection of a Non-Fourier Fluid Flow in a Vertical Slot and Application to Nanofluids Niknami M., Khayat R.E.
16:40 00468 Retrofitting Heat Exchanger Networks Using A Modified Network Pinch Approach *$Bakhtiari B., Bedard S.
17:00 00469 Characterization and Optimization of the Continuous-flow Mixing of Pseudoplastic Fluids Possessing Yield Stress in Stirred Reactors *$Patel D., Ein-Mozaffari F., Mehrvar M.
17:20 End of Session

MSE5Salon A (C)

Polymers in Nanotechnology 2

Organizer(s) - Joao Soares; Tim Bender; Paul Charpentier
Chair(s) - T. Bender

14:10 00470 Self-Cleaning Polyurethane and Polyester Coatings Tang Y., Wang L., Chowdhury R.R., Lotus A., Jenkins D., Therrien P., *Charpentier P.A.
14:30 00471 Molecular Dynamics Study of the Diffusivity of Water in Polyurethane With and Without an Aptamer $Zhou D., Choi P.
14:50 00472 Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun Chitosan-based Membranes for Heavy Metal Ions Removal from Drinking Water $Pakravan M., *Heuzey M.-C., Ajji A., Barbeau B.
Keynote Lecture:

15:10 00473 Synthesis and Characterization of Thermoplastic Flexible Polyesters and Polyimides with pH Sensitive Dissipatability *Sacripante G., $Foucher D.
15:50 Coffee Break
Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00474 Advances in Polymer Nanocompostites: Thermoplastics, Clays and Nanocrystalline Cellulose *$Simon L.
17:00 00475 Synthesis of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Nano Particles via Differential Emulsion Polymerization Zou R., Pan Q., *Rempel G.L.
17:20 00476 Thermally Induced Wrinkling Phenomena in Automotive Decorative Film Laminates *Pukadyil R.N., Nielsen K.E., Brandys F.A., $Thompson M.R. WITHDRAWN
17:40 End of Session

NNO5Salon C (C)

Nanomaterials in Biological and Biomedical Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - T. Hoare

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00477 Nanoscale Functionalities for Targeted Delivery of Biopharmaceutics *$Kiparissides C., Kammona O.
14:50 00239 Evaluating and Advancing the Use of Nanoscale Fibrils as Dry Adhesives *$Gates B.D., Li Y., Zhang C., Zhou J., Zhang X., Menon C.
15:10 00479 SiRNA Delivery using Poly(TMCC-co-LA)-g-PEG Micelles Chan D., *$Shoichet M.S., Deleavey G.F., Damha M.J., Lu J., Owen S.C.
15:30 00480 Development of Multifunctional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications Chen L., *$Zhang J.
15:50 End of Session

NNO6Salon C (C)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials

Organizer(s) - Jin Zhang; Chris Lan
Chair(s) - C. Lan and J. Herrera

16:20 00481 The Production of Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide Using a Transferred Arc Plasma Process: Synthesis, Characterization and Preliminary Economics *Munz R.J., Liao X., Wang J.
16:40 00482 Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Thermal Interface Materials *$Yu A.
17:00 00483 Synthesis of Supported Silver Nano Particles as a Catalyst for CO Oxidation Reaction Using Gel Casting Technique Ahmadi S., Kazemian H., *Rohani S., $Manteghian M.
17:20 00484 ALD Coating of CoOx and ZrO2 $Liu J., Meng X., Li R., *Sun X.
17:40 00485 Preparation of Stable Graphene Dispersion in Organic Solvents via Liquid Phase Noncovalent Exfoliation of Graphite with a Hyperbranched Polyethylene McGraw J., Xu L., *Ye Z.
18:00 End of Session

PTF6Salon E (C)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Its Applications

Organizer(s) - Ying Zheng; Jahirul Mazumder
Chair(s) - J. Xu and M. Al-Sabawi

14:10 00486 CFD Simulations of the Hydrodynamics of Downer Flows with Combined EMMS/TFM Approach Liu Y., Wang J., Ge W., Li J.
14:30 00487 Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation in Improving Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Technologies *Lan X.Y., Gao J.S., Xu C.M.
14:50 00488 Modelling of Spray Interactions in a Fluidized Bed *Pougatch K, $Salcudean M., McMillan J.
15:10 00489 CFD Modeling-Galvanizing Bath Akbarzadeh V., $Hrymak A., Liu D.
15:30 End of Session

PTF7Salon E (C)

Applications in Particle Research

Organizer(s) - Ying Zheng; Jahirul Mazumder
Chair(s) - S.A. Razzak and J. Wang

Keynote Lecture:

16:20 00490 Ultrafine Powders: Researches and Applications at UWO *Zhang H., Zhu J.
17:00 00491 The Role of Mineral Fines in the Reclaiming of Oil Spills Wang W.Z., *Zheng Y., Li Z.K., Lee K.
17:20 00492 Graphene/Polypyrrole Composite Film for Electrochemical Supercapacitor Electrode $Davies A., *Yu A.
17:40 End of Session

PSM4Gr. Ballrm Est (H)

Risk Control 2

Organizer(s) - Rob Cairns
Chair(s) - R. Piette

Process Safety Management Award Lecture:

14:10 00493 Build Your Process Safety Engineering Experience Wong D.
15:10 00494 Explosion Ventilation Design Sensitivites Li I.H., Senez P.L., Calder K.D.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00495 Updates on the Minerva Summer Institute Pasteris A.E., Norval G.W.
16:50 00496 Prestart Up Safety Review, An Important PSM Element *Lacoursiere J.-P.
17:20 00497 The 1st Amendment to the Environmental Emergency Regulations Gration D.
17:50 End of Session

SNC3Salon B (C)

Plant-wide and Distributed Control Systems

Organizer(s) - Sohrab Rohani; Hector Budman
Chair(s) - H. Budman and K. MacAuley

Keynote Lecture:

14:10 00498 Implementation of RTO Procedures in Real Chemical Processes *$Pinto J.C., Quelhas A., Jesus N.J.
14:50 00499 A Safe-Parking Approach to Handle Partial Plant Shutdown Aumi S., Du M., *Mhaskar P.
15:10 00500 Model Predictive Control of Process Supply Chain Systems under Uncertainty Mastragostino R., *Swartz C.L.E.
15:30 00501 Automated Fast Feed Pull at an Olefins Plant David S.
15:50 End of Session

SNC4Salon B (C)

Process Control Applications (Green Technologies, Particulate Systems, Pharmaceutical Industry, Biochemical Processes, etc.)

Organizer(s) - Sohrab Rohani; Hector Budman
Chair(s) - V. Prasad and H. Shang

16:20 00502 Offset-Free Model Predictive Control of Vapor Compression Cycle Wallace M., Aumi S., *Mhaskar P., House J., Salsbury T.
16:40 00503 Multivariate Light-Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Spectroscopic Analyzer for the Quantitative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Powders Guay J.-M., *$Abatzoglou N., Lapointe-Garant P.-P.
17:00 00504 Microbial Fuel Cell Periodic Operation Grondin F., Perrier M., Tartakovsky B.
17:20 00505 Analysis of Sucker-Rod String Dynamics in Artificial Lift Systems for Control Applications $Ng J., *Dubljevic S.
17:40 00506 Oil Production Optimization in Microalgae Bioreactor using Moving Horizon Estimator and Model Predictive Control *$Abdollahi J., Dubljevic S.
18:00 End of Session

IND2Theatre (C)

Innovation: Impact Through Technology Transfer

Organizer(s) - Bill Cairns; Jennifer Lee

13:10 Plenary Lecture: Rakesh Agrawal, Purdue University in Ballrooms 5 & 6 (C)

Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering (for an Individual) Award Lecture:

14:10 00507 Turning Waste Into Black Gold Berruti F.
14:50 00508 Global Needs and Opportunities for Innovation in Wastewater Technologies and Services Devries M.
15:30 00509 GreenCentre Canada - Bridging the Commercialization Gap *McLachlan J.A.
15:50 Coffee Break
16:20 00510 Innovation in Water/Wastewater Treatment - Facing the Challenges of Starting Up a New Technology Hughes A.
16:40 00511 Innovation in Industrial Processing Technology - The University Spinoff Company Route to Commercial Markets Haas C.
17:00 00512 Innovation in Water/Wastewater Treatment Over 3 Decades - Have the Problems Changed? Vander Laan H.
17:20 00513 Additional Electricity Needs from Ontario Power Plants for Charging Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles *Ahmadi L., Croiset E., Elkamel A., Douglas P.L., Entchev E.
17:40 Roundtable Discussion

18:00 End of Session

SRE4Windsor Club (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 2

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - K. Jarosch and E. Moctezuma

14:10 00514 Catalytic Conversion of Naphthenes: Activity and Selectivity of USY Zeolites *$Al-Sabawi M., de Lasa H.
14:30 00515 Kinetic and Catalytic Performance of a Composite Bi-porous Material in Catalytic Cracking and Isomerization Reactions Balasamy R.J., Odedairo T., *$Al-Khattaf S.
14:50 00516 Steam Gasification of a Cellulose Surrogate over a Fluidizable Ni/a-Alumina Catalyst: A Kinetics Model *Salaices E., deLasa H., Serrano B.
15:10 00519 Kinetic Modeling of Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by Propylene over Fe/ZSM-5 *$Cheng X., Bi X.
15:30 00518 Recycling Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) through Thermal Degradation Elordi G., Olazar M., Arandes J., *$de Lasa H.
15:50 End of Session

SRE5Suite 300 (H)

Green Reaction Engineering 3

Organizer(s) - Benito Serrano Rosales
Chair(s) - K. Jarosch and E. Moctezuma

16:40 00520 Synthesis and Characterization of FeTiO3/TiO2 Photocatalysts *Moctezuma E., Torres-Martinez L., $Zarazua E., Zermeno B., Leyva E.
17:00 00521 Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol with Fe3+, Fe2+ And Cu2+ Ions in the Photo Crec Water II Reactor *$Serrano Rosales B., Morales Arellano P., Rojas Torres M.G., Hernandez Mazatan M.A., Vazquez Minjares J.L., Moreira del Rio J., de Lasa H.
17:20 00522 Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds: The Metoprolol Case Moctezuma E., López-Barragán M., Pinedo-Escobar A., Leyva E., Serrano-Rosales B.
17:40 00523 Kinetic Modeling and Parameter Estimation for the Photocatalytic Oxidation of Phenol in Water *Moreira J., Serrano-Rosales B., $de Lasa H.
18:00 00524 Photocatalytic Degradation of Organic Pollutants in Air. Energy Efficiency Factors in a Photo-CREC Unit Garcia Hernandez J., Serrano Rosales B., *$de Lasa H.
18:20 End of Session

CSCT1Gr. Ballrm Cntr (H)

Eastern Student Symposium

Organizer(s) - Mehdi Sheikhzadehm

12:30 Panel Discussion on Research at the College Level:

Maike Luiken, Lambton College

Marc Nantel, Niagara College

Greg Weiler, Fanshawe College

13:30 "Intellectual Properties Protection" Peter Ross, Mongeon Consulting

14:30 "College Successful Graduate Experience" Dennis Poort, Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

15:00 End of Session

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